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  1. Stainless sanmai blade with copper. Central- tool steel 1,2C
  2. Its curoni theme, a pagan tribe which was living in western baltic in mid ages. Curoni vikings.
  3. Some latest axes with sanmai blades. The edges 1-1.2 C tool steel, plus mid carbon body.
  4. Hello all! Short tutorial: Prepearing material Forging to a size Carbutization 17 hours HT 290/7mm size
  5. Konner, yes, i wrote it in a first post. 70$ with postage
  6. Makiri is sold, i did a handle. This one is still present. 20$ via avia to USA. Thank you!
  7. Hello all. A mid size axe for a customer, hi carbon on a edge, mid carbon steel body. Spear type eye.
  8. Did a japan type (ainas) handle, black oak (natural, aprox 900 years old) plus mikarta, stainless steel.
  9. Japan type tool for cutting leather. CPM 10 in stainless damascus, black oak.
  10. Makiri Ainu, CPM 10 in stainless sanmai. HRC for winter work 59 hrc on CPM, and 42hrc on side.
  11. After forging CPM has dendros painting, like wootz, very interesting.
  12. Hello all! Blade 105mm, 5 layers, CPM 20V plus 420 stainless.The tail is stainless damascus, welded. CPM has 61-62HRC, asking 50$ plus shipment.
  13. Heimo Rosseli handle type, is best for your comfortable power cut.
  14. Price down 85$, This blade vs my old Mora carbon: https://youtu.be/l-C8pAPR3Rc
  15. Hello all, some blades with cpm s10v in central, plus stainless 420 steel.
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