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    Damascus Blades, the Dark Ages, Dark Beer, Dark Forests, Irish Banjo-Bouzouki-Mandola, History, Mythology, Decentralization, Bioregionalism, Heathenry, Beekeeping, Brewing, Motorcycling.

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  1. Looks good... best thing I ever did for the hearthing was get an Amatek Windjammer blower off Ebay. So small, so strong... so quiet!
  2. There will be a mead brewing video in the near- ish future!
  3. I don’t think I ever posted this one here. Very satisfying patterning on the blade.
  4. Thyanks Jerrod! Yes, I just finished doing all the redirects so old links should work...
  5. So I've paid the bills for the better part of 15 years by making stainless damascus wedding bands. Well, for the past year no one has been getting married because no one can have weddings. So no one's buying rings. I had to get by on PPP and EIDL and a garden. I got a lot of very needed housework done, like building a new deck and fixing the garage doors for insulation. And I started laying groundwork for new ideas in case it really looked like things were done as far as the rings go. Yep. Looks done. LOL. There's just no predicting the next wedding season and sales. Or anything, really. I'll
  6. I had literally unfollowed 45% of people in my personal feeds, and installed Socialfixer, which can block keywords and political posts and it was still a constant barrage of arguments, trolling and political escalation. The problem is that scrolling the feed and interacting is part of the algorithm, and part of the networking for bringing people into your biz page. Yet, for some reason, my followers stayed within about 20 on one side or the other of 3250 for over a decade. I suspect they just wanted money. But I can definitely agree that cancelling the personal pages improved my general well b
  7. For me it was an attention thing. I'm not actually super social. Even social media takes a certain toll. I was a late adopter to the Facebook move, but it was clear one had to go there at the time for marketing. Sadly, it's a thing one must do when one is really bad at getting to regular old j-o-b's on time. LOL. I actually deleted my first Facebook account, and then realized I had to suck it up and join the fray. It's become an increasingly toxic environment on more than one front and for more than one reason. No need to go into that here and now, but it's intrinsic to the site, and it always
  8. If the world were an orange, it would be much, much, much, much too small.
  9. I'm trying to pull more enameling into my work, and fun stones. This is Hvetr-rafn, or Winter Raven. A drinking horn. The finial will be cast in silver with opal eyes and more blue enamel. There will be a silver lip and some more details.
  10. So I'm embarking on a multi-media Saga replete with songs, illustrations, swords, jewelry, and more... all about bees & beekeeping. A tale told in the epic Anglo-Saxon tradition. Here is my plan for the Sword of Sigewif, a centerpiece of the story. The handle is a stand in, but you get the idea. The plan is to cast the comb, shape it and enamel it like cloisonne... we shall see. Wait until you see my ideas for the blade. You can follow the Saga as it develops on my Patreon if you like, for as little as $3 a month. patreon.com/jarthurloose But I will post
  11. LOL. It drives me up a WALL that most people just use the internet on their phones now. Especially when trying to sell art. Such tiny screens!
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