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    I am a blacksmith and third generation weapon smith. Currently trying to build a business called Eternal Fire Weaponry and Armor.

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  1. And finally the last three cuts of that night. Sometimes nerdy, a bit dark, but it's my first real attempt a filming anything as well.
  2. So here is another video in the series. This is the second run, and I am able to finally show some of the results from the first.
  3. Not gonna lie, the results were slightly less than stellar, but they were results none the less, which means Progress! In the description on the youtube video, you will see that I realized later that I gave some bad information but I believe I corrected it. Here is the link. I have a second video which will sho some of the results later during a second run. Here is hoping something better comes from it. P.S. pardon the language. I am a very raw individual, and I find it very difficult to apply my language filters, especially when I am excited and tired. I do try to limit my cussing, but to obliterate it completely is quite literally a lesson in futility for myself. Again I apologize.
  4. So I got a bur up my ass apparently... I am attempting a hearth remelt of old nails, cleaned welding rod, and iron tie wire to get a facsimile (now my head hurts; too many syllables) of orishigane like material. Wish me luck and results will be posted. P.S. I really need a bigger shop. It is just too cramped and too hot to do this on a regular basis.
  5. I am restoring a Buffalo Forge Company hand crank impeller blade blower that has not been used in close to 20 years. The brass bushings are good and I was able to get all the spindles moving again. Now it is just a matter removing the layer of heavy rust on the inside of the crank housing, as well as cleaning up the outside of everything. I will get pictures of everything after this weekend (Romantic trip to the beach starting tomorrow).
  6. Is there anythiing on the market right now that will remove and loosen rust without dissolving the underlying steel? I know there was something a few years back, but I don't remember what it was called.
  7. look up wire rope suppliers. someone is going to have logging and bridge cable near by.
  8. Just to let everyone know, I am out of this one. Life kind of fell apart again and haven't been be able to work on anything. Sorry.
  9. You do realize that the definition of a knife is "any small personal tool with a sharp edge" right? In my opinion you delivered that superbly. Those two knives and the sheaths have a very rustic and used visual appeal that would strike the fancy of most of the people I work with. No offense, but a bright shiny knife with a bunch of exotic materials and a mirror polish is a trophy and decoration, in my opinion. A knife is a tool and meant to be used. Therefore, I personally believe you did a wonderful job.
  10. I saw this earlier today (about an hour after it was posted). I can't wait to see Sam at work, having seen the results of his labor on this forum.
  11. Thank you, Caleb, for inviting us to participate in the creation of this document.
  12. True... I figured that, but hey, it is worth a try.
  13. Bumping this post again. I do hate doing this, makes me feel like a jacka$$. Again, sorry if this is breaking protocols, but I am desperate.
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