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  1. Theodore An.

    5160-52100 differentially water quenched..

    Μr Jerrod Miller and Mr Wes Detrick,thank you for all the explanation! This forum is really a River of Knowledge!Thank you all.much appreciated!
  2. Theodore An.

    5160-52100 differentially water quenched..

    Thank you Alan After forging did 4 stress releiving cycles from non magnetic to room temperature with my propane forge.. Next with my Eveheat kiln i heat to 1560F/850C hold for 10 min then cool to above 1000f in room air Heat to 1470F/800C hold for 10 min- cool below 1000F in room air Heat to 1380F/750C hold there for 10 min-cool to below 1000f again in air Heat again to 1290F/700C hold there for 10 min-cool to below 1000F in air and last cycle heat to 1200F/650C hold there for 1 hour then cool to room temprerature Grinds like butter with this process After grinding again i heat to 1200F for 1 hour and cool to room temperature That's my heat treating process pretty much for all my blades of all steels.. The same I did for these blades above Water temperature was about 170F/80C and the temperature of the edge was barely at...well maybe 50F above critical That's all my info I will put some handles on these blades and I will do some cutting tests.If they pass the tests i will do a bending test at a vise..Next I will break them to see the grain size...I will post a video for all of you to discuss Thank you all for all of these years of Knowledge...I've learned soooo much just reading you all you guys!
  3. Inspired from the work of Mastersmith Jerry Fisk I tryed something new for me.. Differentially water quench 5160 and 52100 hand forged blades.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEsVS5kaHtU All went perfect ! Just after quench 20180129_194319 by theodore Anastoulis, on Flickr20180129_194401 by theodore Anastoulis, on Flickr After 1500 grit and a 1 minute in pcb.. 20180131_212748 by theodore Anastoulis, on Flickr20180131_212913 by theodore Anastoulis, on Flickr20180131_213005 by theodore Anastoulis, on Flickr Thank you all
  4. Theodore An.

    Boot Dagger

  5. Theodore An.

    Akihabara Toothpick

    Congrats Jake,mega-fan of your work here from Greece! What an amazing piece in every detail!
  6. Theodore An.

    WIP discontinued after HT

  7. Theodore An.

    Screw Cancer

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Chris and I also wish the Sun of Our Lord's Love be shine above your lives again.. Theodore from Greece..
  8. Theodore An.

    Wood Axe

    Well done Rob it's a fine axe!
  9. Theodore An.

    Sanmai cracking

    I had same problems with Japanese triple layer steel-core layer from Hitachi white paper steel (via Dictum store) Outer layer of not hardenable very low carbon steel.... I quenched the first in brine edge first,it cracked in the middle of the core steel running the length of the blade. Next blade quenched from non magnetic to preheated canola edge first,same problem... The third blade it was the very same in all (grinds-shape all the same with previous) This third time i quenched the blade from non magnetic to brine spine first....and success!!! No warp no delam no cracks in the middle of the core steel!And crazy hard ! That method worked for me!
  10. Theodore An.

    Oil or water? - UHB20C & UHB15LM steel

    UHB20C is a Bohler-Uddeholm version of the AISI 1095,but cleaner alloy,which is an obvious positive! I water quenched my UHB20 blades and had pretty good results with hamon also... In lamination-san mai constructions i think its much safer the oil quench...especially if all are steels I've water quenched blades with uhb20c as core and wrought iron from a wagon tire and came pretty good,but with patterned welded blades and other steel better go to oil... Hope this helps
  11. Theodore An.

    Dynasty Tang Dao handmade fittings

    I'm trying to get some air to my lungs.....god!! What a beauty!!!Absolutely stunning work!!!
  12. Theodore An.


    Really fantastic work!!
  13. Theodore An.

    Fetter Lane Sword

    Absolutely stunning!!!! Thanks for sharing such a beauty!!
  14. Theodore An.

    Homage to the Vehmaa sword

    My God!! I almost had a heart attack! I'm in awe!! What a beauty this sword is!! Congratulations Mr.Jesus!!
  15. Theodore An.

    Fluffy Bunny! a.k.a. Hare of Inaba

    Amazing work!!!