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  1. Hey everyone. I'm making a seas for a friend and I wanted to make handle with a diamond shaped pattern similar to the attached picture. Possibly out of white ash and blood wood. I'd like to avoid synthetics if possible. I was thinking of cutting out the diamond shapes and gluing them together in the desired pattern but I wanted to be sure that that would hold up to use. Would it be better to go standard wood glue, or epoxy? Would combining those two woods be a bad idea and not hold up well? Any other ideas o. What would be the best way to make the red and white checkerboard pattern? Many than
  2. Fie on both Nate and Gabriel (Not really, both Founders and Bells are excellent.), Dragonmead is where you need to go!
  3. The blade is awesome. What really draws my eye on this piece though is the grip. The way the center piece plays off of the ends is quite striking.I suppose I will have to go and check your books to see if this special process is in them and I am just not remembering it at 5am and without caffiene.
  4. I know that it is not a sword fitting, but tin was used on the panels of the sutton hoo helmet. So at least it was used in equipment that saw battle.
  5. Pennsic is fun, but a little on the large and expensive side.
  6. You should have been in Coopers Lake last week...
  7. I am with Michael on this one. Due to some health concerns over the past year I was blacksmithing fairly regularly to ease stress, including grinding of some pieces. I had about 3-4 mris and never had a problem.
  8. Well, I ended up getting a nordic pattern and a straight peen. Will keep building my collection of trusted helpers as time goes by I am sure. I jist wanted to thank everyone for their input.
  9. Pretty? That is a matter of opinion. Usable =pretty to me, and that definitely looks usable to me.
  10. Well, now that is definitely nice!
  11. Dunno if it is taboo to send people to other boards, but you might want to post this over on iforgeiron. One of the guys there runs the fisher museum. If anyone can tell you for sure if that is a fisher...
  12. Thank you for the suggestions! I saw Sams post that he had some available and got really excited, then saw a few posts later that they were gone. Ever watch ABC sports? A small agony of defeat there.
  13. Hey guys, I am starting to look at upgrading from the hardware store bought hammers that I am currently using. Any particular brand/maker that are recommended? Thank you, Patrick
  14. I find this old wobbly intriguing, and wish to subsribe to its newsletter...
  15. True. If you go to this get together in England and make it to a grocery store there, you will probably find a whole shelf of different ciders. At least where we were in Devon they did. Not sure if it is the same in Kent but I do not see why it would not be.
  16. Anyone else wonder what kind of things could come into existence if JPH were to mentor Caleb, Karter, or Luke? (Only young guns I see posting on here. Back to lurking for me.)
  17. Have you tried strongbow or woodpecker? Strongbow is not as sweet as many seem to be, and Woodpecker is pretty dry if I remember correctly. It has been a few years since I had one of those though.
  18. One of the bbq joints up here does a hard cider in a pint glass rimmed with cinnamon and sugar. I highly recommend it.
  19. It is a heavier than air gas. Basically you can fill a fish tank with it and float a tin foil boat in it. Also you can inhale it and get an effect opposite that of what you do with helium.
  20. Would sodium hexaflouride be considered inert?
  21. I love it. Very cool little knife.
  22. Don't forget that shirtless is the way to go! Oh and don't look too hard for that anvil.
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