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  1. this piece is more sculptural than practical, but feels rigid enough for sparring. lots of good lessons learned with this project, especially in regards to order of operations!! since resuming the project the blade has quite significantly "bow" ed so will have to remidy with heat treatment (suggestions welcome) still to design brass inlays for gaurd/lower guard and twisted wire for pommel lobes stats total lengh: 1000mm blade lengh: 820mm grip lengh: 90mm material blade: yew guard/lower: yew grip: oak pommel: elm
  2. thanks Dave!! To me this sword was a datum... where i could get a general feel for the craft. Yes, in hindsight i could of invested in higher quality steel/materials. to be honest i wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, haha. What steels would you recommend for the blade? my brother has put in an order so i need to get started haha The grip still needs some whittling (two half's with dowel construction), but once finished will be bound and then wrapped. might experiment with wire wrapping aswell With the pommel i took off more material from the flat than desired, hopefu
  3. thanks Ondřej! i was unsure about the radius aswell didn't feel comfortable profiling the guard to suit, and it is 30mm wide at the begining of the radius. but the next blade will have a larger radius I work in a model making machine shop so it has its perks! we dont have a forge and the ability to make pattern welded steel though ​congratulations on receiving the beard!!
  4. thanks for proofing the faulty links and supportive comments! it is a pleasure to be apart of such an open and respectful comnunity
  5. the shaped blank filling and sanding jig engraving outlines of guard fitting the guard shaping the guard creating a hss tool bit for the pommel radius turning pommel on a mandrell turning a radius with a homemade radius cutter the finished pommel with flat and through hole
  6. thank you kevin! the blade is "flat" in all planes and tapers distally in the last 3/4's of the blade. might try a fuller in my next blade. also the river jian wip was very informative
  7. inspired by the various creations/craftsman flashing through the forum, this was a project filled with challenges and fundamental lessons. stats total length;1600mm blade length;910mm grip length;180mm p.o.b from cross;130mm aft pivot point; about 500mm from cross forward pivot; just behind the tip weight; 1570g material blade; mild steel (piece of fence) cross guard; aluminium grip; beech ply/ leather.in progress pommal; mild steel/brass insert
  8. hey all this is a piece i initially planed to construct out of some form off steel, but due to restrictions at my workplace i chose to change material and i think it fits quite nicely. the grain gives off a natural Damascus feel total length mm 727 blade 585mm from cross oak cross-guard 100mm w bur elm/brass grip assembly 90mm L oak/brass furells pommle 85mm w brass/bur elm
  9. Hi Brad, thanks for the comment! hope you've been able to find time for your workshop.
  10. some initial designs inspired by history and mythology!
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