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  1. Thanks Dan! I printed off the order form and am sending it out! To everyone else that is posting, I honestly cannot tell you how much I appreciate it! Another question...How many of you make your own tools? I have been watching videos of people making tongs, hammers, etc. I would love to do this, but how many people really do and I am assuming it is a good skill to have. Pretty much anything that gets me moving metal would be good, I guess?
  2. I really appreciate your input. I have got a good connection for classes (at least I think they are). http://www.metalsmith.org/education/ is the nearest place where I can get some instruction. I really like the idea of learning how to make my own tools, etc. Then I never have to buy them What about your smithy set up? Anything you would have done differently regarding space set up or is this personal preference? Thanks so much!
  3. I am loving the responses! Believe it or not, I am actually writing this stuff down...lol! I wanted to add that I have picked up and been reading Goddard's book "$50 Knife Shop", Hrisolas' The Complete Bladesmith (really like this one) as well as The Art of the Japanese Sword.
  4. Hello all! Long time lurker and first time poster. I have been studying everything I could get my hands on regarding blacksmithing and metalworking over the last two years. I finally have it all figure out (not literally) to where I have the okay from my insurance company as well as from the city I live in to build a separate addition onto my garage for a forge shop. Going to end up being a 15x25 footprint with ground breaking in the spring. FINALLY! So here's my question. If you had to start over, what would you do differently? What tools would you have started out with or what would you have waited on to purchase? What basics skill would you have focused on longer? How would you have set up your shop differently? I have done multiple searches and have not found a thread like this but I apologize if there is one I did not see. Have linked up with ABANA and will be joining, have linked up with The Guild of Metalsmith's for Minnesota and am going to be taking some classes in the spring for basics, intermediate, etc. increasing difficulty as I learn. But there seems to be so much that you pick up on as you go and just wanted to see what you all would do differently. Look forward to hearing your answers. Thanks so much!
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