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  1. By way of introduction, my name is Chris Davis, owner and craftsman of Davis Leatherworks in Walton, WV, USA. I'm Hoys Forge's son-in-law (yes, the one he made the leather skiving knife for who "never posted it on his shop"), and while I have some interest in forging (although my life has been threatened by my father-in-law should I ever even consider taking it up as another hobby), I love just looking at other craftsmen's work. Also, I'm the one with the camera, so when Hoys Forge wants pictures uploaded either I or my wife take them and edit them... Nine months or so ago, I bought a Ca
  2. Actually, it is in the store, lol http://store.davisleatherworks.com/leather-skiver/ Chris Davis (aka, the "son-inLaw") Davis Leatherworks
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