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  1. Silver was a rather biased man, but his works present a very good overview of the cultural struggles of the time.
  2. this is glorious! Truly, it is. I notice in a couple pictures it looks like it's been tempered gold, is that just the lighting?
  3. I finished my new forge FINALLY. I've started several projects already, however I have to leave for Alaska soon so I won't have time to finish some of them.

  4. A happy man will forge with patience, a driven man will forge with passion, a devout man will forge with piety, however a man alone will forge with his will and with his heart, for the fire of the forge is what leads him onward.

  5. The logo you have on the knife looks suspiciously like the triforce symbol from LoZ, is there any relation?
  6. the bottom of the forge fell out today. My dad and brother got down here a couple days ago, so i told my bro i'd let him forge (he's 20, gonna be 21 in exactly a month) so i got the forge ready after working on cutting out my new forge and let him smith for a bit, i gave him tips, held the steel a couple times and taught him what little i know. he started to get the hang of it, when out of nowhere i hear a shift of coal and sparks go EVERYWHERE. the bottom of the forge had broken. after 2 years of forging, the old girl decided she'd had enough. unfortunately for her, i have a you
  7. i'm sick right now, won't be working until tomorrow. sorry.
  8. looks great, but could you explain the different tempers and normilizations you used? I'm new to blacksmithing (only 2 years) and haven't learned as much as i would have liked, so it's great to have a site like this to look through.
  9. The hole will be a bit lower, but it's definitely not too high. You need 8 inches of coal to have a good fire, that's what I learned at least, and the bottom of the hole is at about 8. But like I said, I'm going to make it lower.
  10. so i worked on my forge again today, my chest has been acting up though so it's hard to work too hard, but you know what they say, even a rock will crumble if sat in a stream long enough. or something like that i guess. anyway, so this is the work i did on the chimnea, i plan on putting bolts in the back for a little flap that i can open when i'm using it. right now it's just a work in progress. but hopefully i have it up and running by the weekend and i'll be forging out something pretty. a friend also said he'd drop by and help, he wants to learn the art of smithing, so i told him to bring
  11. Well I lost my camera today, but I made do with my phone. These are the pictures of the chimnea that I use. The metal pieces are the cap and elbow to my fires air supply, but I left it on for the summer and it rusted together. I was able to get it loose after about an hour of greasing it and working it, but my hands will never be quite the same (it hurt and I couldn't find my gloves)
  12. i thought of doing that, i'm not really worried about cracking, i just never really got around to it and forgot. i suppose i should try it, i'll post some pics tomorrow after school.
  13. well, my old forge from last year isn't really working out the way i wanted it to. it's hot, no place to hide from the sun plus a white hot fire makes it very uncomfortable, if not unbearable. these are some pictures of what it looks like now, and where i'd like to move it. I (hopefully) have my barrel stove kit coming down, with that i'll be able to start working on swords again. right now, with my little chimney stove thingy i can't work on anything bigger than about a foot, max, blade, tang and all. it sucks. so post some comments and suggestions and i'll start to post some of the w
  14. It's a wonderful knife, and beautifully made, but let's hope he doesn't perform surgery with it! jokes aside, my dad had rectal cancer, stage 4, he did natural treatments and it pretty much went away completely, but then it started to come back so he decided to just get it taken care of once and for all and got his anus and the rectum ripped out of there (who needs those guys?) he also had a surprise triple bi-pass surgery as a result of taking chemo, after that we did the all natural treatment over in California where we had to borrow money from my uncle and..... what i'm saying is that
  15. beautiful, that's all anyone has to say to sum these up. keep forging
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