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  1. great topic, matt, and stunning work so far! i submit my humble additions. these are significant to me for the following reasons: this chef knife i made at the beginning of the year, sold in the middle of the year, and i made the matching paring knife for the customer at the end of the year. the blades are W2, and the paring knife is the first time i have tried to make an integral bolster of any kind. i was honored to make a knife in collaboration with mareko maumasi this summer. he's been a great friend and mentor since i met him, and i was floored when a bar of his steel showed u
  2. i have a 5 year old KMG that i like much better since recently converting it to direct drive, and an outlaw 2 (http://www.outlawwaterjetdesign.com/grinders.html) that i would recommend to anyone. all of my attachments can be used on either grinder because the tool arm is the same size. good luck, you will love any of the grinders mentioned on the thread so far.
  3. hey justin! that's not the response i was expecting, but i'll take it! thanks for the compliment, i really appreciate it!
  4. hi guys, i have a question for you. last may i took ric's wootz class, and obviously i got the bug for crucible steel smelting. i have been gathering materials to build a crucible furnace to do further work on my own starting later this year. should be fun. the question is this: i have maybe 50 pounds worth of O1 took steel cutoffs and scraps that i have been holding on to for some reason. its good steel, so its a shame to throw it away. i guess i was thinking i might combine it with powder and make some random damascus out of it. more recently i was wondering if it would be foolish to try and
  5. looks great. i made many of these same mods to my KMG recently, but have moved shop since, and have not been able to put it to work since changing things up. i like the wheel having that offset. i had a real problem with the first wheel that i tried. there was not enough stem on the motor! luckily the 6" wheel that beaumont sells has an offset threaded channel, so the screw gets more purchase on the stem.seeing your mods really makes me want to get out to the shop and get on with things.
  6. sounds fun! can't commit to a date, but let us know if you secure a weekend. i would love to make it up there if i can
  7. beautiful work. great hybrid capturing the best of both worlds here. thumbs up!
  8. looking good, dylan! nice to see your work somewhere besides my phone!
  9. that outlaw grinder looks very interesting! i'd never seen or heard of those. it really does look like somebody surveyed everything on the market and cherry picked the best features of them all. and it at least looks like they really got some stuff right. direct drive motor... forward positioning of the belt tensioning arm... the extra tooling arm slot...the deep platen holder so you can get to both sides without any hassle... the tool rest looks legit... the small wheel holder looks like you can use very small wheels without the holder getting in the way... they even have a version that will
  10. that looks fantastic! i would love to see that blade in person. looks like it would really dance in the light. thanks for sharing!
  11. i've gotten this leather from mike blue as well, but as he says, its not quite the authentic half-tanned that you read about in the havard bergland books, etc.... i'm not totally sure about this, but i believe he was getting through kay vikstrom in finland. nevertheless, it is very nice stuff, i love it, and i'm terrified of inevitably running out... i have tried the proper half-tanned that brisa/thompson's sells, and it is considerably stiffer once dry, and shrinks more than anything i have ever used. i had to scrap the first finished sheath i made with it because of the shrinkage. sounds lik
  12. your work blows me away every single time. amazing! congrats on the award, certainly well earned. what a beautiful pair of knives. someone is VERY lucky!
  13. a weird thing happened... i put a large-ish plate of steel on the bottom of the oven. about 3/4" plate by maybe 5x8. its what i had. i then put a sheet of inswool over the top, covering the exhaust fan, and also covered the glass-only front door. i cranked the oven to top temperature and "stay on" mode. it got up to about 300 degrees and stayed there. huh? so thats weird. so then i took the all the insulating layers off and the temperature was then able to reach the 400 range. i put the wool back over the front door, and i managed to get up around 430 or so, and that was after about 1.5 hrs to
  14. i'll throw a chunk of insulation on top, and put a piece of steel in there and see what that gets me. i'll report back soon!
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