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  1. There are others more knowledgeable than me on the subject, but I don't think it should effect things too much. If I'm right, it's similar to how things dilute in water; the more water you have, the less the other bits effect it. not sure how that transfers over to oil, but I expect the principle is the same.
  2. alas the posting has been removed. too late. damn.
  3. no phone number on the ad, sent one email asking if he knew the brand/weight and a second saying I'd buy it if it hadn't been sold yet, and listing my contact info. All that's left is to wait and see, I guess. It was posted for sale on the seventh, and my first email was on the ninth and still haven't gotten a response to that one... I hope it hasn't been sold.
  4. Yeah, I'm working off of a 30lb slab of R.R., and I've been running into its limits left and right.
  5. found an ad on craigslist semi locally for this brute: looks kind of rough, but the price is right ($35). no info on weight or maker. Thoughts?
  6. Every time I scroll past this topic I misread it as "Sexy tease". That aside, looks good so far. I look forward to seeing the finished piece.
  7. that is not how I expected the grain of palm wood to look.... I like it. I also really like the pommel.
  8. I want it so bad but I'm so poor T_T stupid college loans. Whoever buys it is a lucky bastard to own such a fine knife.
  9. That is indeed a fine quilt, but I'm sure you'll forgive me if I'm more fond of the one my grandma made me out of cuts from all the jeans I played sweated and bled into through my childhood. It's not just a quilt, it's my history
  10. Haha, this is all putting the cart before the horse a little anyway considering I'm still operating on a brake drum forge and railroad anvil, But duly noted. Im actually starting to look at getting a good vice, a serious anvil and building a propane forge since ive got some overtime pay headed my way. the forge I can handle but I cant seem to find a decent anvil in my price range and the same for postvices so i might have to settle for now..
  11. Looking at that knife and sheath combo all I can say is out looks unbelievably posh. Phenomenal work !
  12. Beaver trail is my favorite, but all of them are awesome. great work!
  13. Cool little fact, Chris. I was aware of the saying before, but I never knew the etymology behind it. I personally won't participate until I can make something on par with what's going around. It might be a year or two (or three ). Perhaps its unnecessary, but it's something of a matter of pride for me. Plus it helps motivate me to improve my craft anyway.
  14. Fellow college student here. I went with a coal brakedrum forge and even if it only cost me 30$ total I still regret not putting in the time and money for a gas forge. It's a pain to start, a pain to tend, a pain to get an even heat, at least in my setup, and it wastes a lot of heat. And like he said, its dirty as all get out. It may not be as dangerous as propane in terms of explosions, but I've got a few dime sized burns where hot coals hopped out at me. As soon as I run out of coal I'm going to switch over to a propane forge. Also, probably don't have to worry about it too much if you don't
  15. that is pretty small... then again, if I'm going the etching route, that shouldn't be an issue since I should be able etch it in the handle. Here I've taken out most of the detail since it would be hard to see anyway at that size. I think I'm gonna play around with it a bit more, see what else I can simplify. Also attached for your amusement, the other logos I came up with before I came upon this one. The names that go with them from left to right are, Star Crossed Smithy, Dead Rat Forge (Not my shining moment, I admit), and Savage Frog Smithy. I have to admit, they were a
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