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  1. Wade, and JHP. not shure why I did not do a choil cut on this knife. I have done them before. I guess I just missed the mark on this one. sometimes I would leave a fancy choil "Tail". On the next one I guess. Thanks for your input guys. OH, Josh. The billet was twisted hard after forging square. that's where the long and short cable strands come from..
  2. These are great. love the use of antler on the first one. and the color match is very nice. the copper work in time consuming and well done. The size is very useful. again very nice.
  3. This looks great Mark. I really love it. nice contrast in the pattern.
  4. I posted a few pics of this blade a while back. finally completed the knife a few days ago. but had a mishap wile finishing the edge. got complacent and brought the tip around the stone and stabbed myself in the hand:( Am ok. but had to wait a few days until I could hold the stone again.. so hear is the finished knife. Cable Damascus. Cocobolo Hexagon handle. Cable pommel. and peened tang. The customer is making his own sheath. 7 1/2in blade. 12in overall. Open to comments and critics. Enjoy. Also if these pics are to "BIG" please let me know, so I can adjust my camera.
  5. Peto. I like it. I am a big fan of the "tail tang". nice job. Good job on the sheath also, for a first try, it looks classic.
  6. Thanks everyone, for the feedback. will have to post pics of the finished knife when I get it done. And Dan. I like to look of the cable too. have always seen it in the mags. but just lately have worked it. kind of neat.
  7. Here is a ring that I just finished for a friend. Steel cable. squared, folded twice. then twisted. heat treated, tempered, silver soldered, etched, blued, then buffed. I also am working on a Riflemans knife out of the same bar as the ring. Just twisted it, did not fold it twice like the ring. Mabe should have, it would have had more strands showing then....Next time I guess.
  8. Christopher. I am pretty new here. and don't know you well but, I do know the effects of cancer well. my mother had a brain tumor when she was 1. had brest cancer 3 times, and colon cancer that moved into her liver. We lost her a little over 3 years ago now to get this, a brain tumor in the same spot as when she was little. She was 64 years old. in that time she raised 2 terible boys. got her masters in special ed, and gave her love and knolage to 14 years ov desrving students ,some who themselves had cancer at the same time she did.traveled the whole US, and other countrys, and made cakes for the entire county. Althow cancer may seem inevitable for some. she fought as long as she did because of early detection. great doctors. and the love of family and friends. I wish the very best to your whole family. Give her a big hug from all of us on the forum here.
  9. Oh yeh, i forgot to mention, it has to be REALY COOL. because it is my WIFES dagger. she even took these pics for me. Good job Brenda.
  10. Hello everyone. here is a dagger i have been working on for some time. the spacers in the gaurd will be steped,small bigger smaller. but i have run into a snag for the handle."the tang will be longer":). i would like to carve a piece of antler or mamoth ivory the thickness of a thick pencile, then have a washer in front and back, take 6 square copper or brass rods about 1/8 in and twist them. silver solder them into holes in the two washers. then twist the 6 set, then back it off to birdcage the 6 set. this will surround the carved peice. then a pommel on the back of this. My problem is that the carved peice will be fatter in the middle to match the birdcage. how will i get this in the bird caged peice without messing up the carved peice? May have to draw a pic for you guys of what i mean. I came up with it and i can hardly wrap my thoughts around it.:)HAHAHAha.
  11. Great knife Cody, really like it. very nice fitting of the grain in the blade. And i always love the vine filework on anything.
  12. Thanks again guys. i find that if i can't inpire myself or someone else everyday, then i am not learning anything of the knolage that is around me. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the replies, I was origanaly going to make a knife that the tang wraped around to make the handle and gaurd, and insert a piece of wood into the hollow section, but i just looked at it, and this is what it whanted to be... Finally bought a welder after all these years. going to try lots of things this summer i hope. i have a 5gal bucket full of chain saw chains.
  14. Here are some pics of a knife for my father-in-law. Blade is 5 1/4 in of motor cycle chain. split tang. on spalted cherry wood handle. Brass pins. "I guess i need to improve my head riviting techniue a little":). No sheath. was givin in a display box. tempered this at 415f 3 times for 1 hour each. thought it was pretty soft by the looks of the colors. but it holds an edge like 56+rc 1095. Not shure whats in the chain for steel. but i kinda like it.
  15. Great pattern and blade, and vid. Man i really need to get a power hammer. it would take weeks for me to make a billet that big by hand.can't wait to see it done.
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