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  1. okay thank you Zeb, i was afraid i was gonna have to spend another $20 on a new fire brick and wait 4 days for it to get here. thanks again for the help.
  2. Hey guys so i have a little problem with my fire brick forge, ive had it for less than 2 days, and it cracked all the way from top to bottom halfway through the length of the brick. its a soft fire brick that i drilled a 1'' hole through it longways and then a 1/4''hole in the side to the 1'' hole, i shoved the nozzel of my propane torch into the 1/4'' hole and started forging but now only a day later the crack is there, it didnt happen through the drilling process i know that much but it sucks that this already happened i was hoping to have this last for awighl while i grasped the basics of forging atleast. thanks for the help guys, -Brandon
  3. hey guys, im building together a fire brick and propane torch forge where you dig a T shaped tunnel through the fire brick and stick a propane torch nozzle in the side tunnel. and i am looking on the home depot website and im wondering what type of torch i should get thats as cheap as possible but still capable of getting to a good forging tempature, any advice on which one to get? Thanks guys, - Brandon
  4. Okay i will try that, thank you for your help Mr. Jewell
  5. Hello, i am a 17 year old that has been looking into beginning bladesmithing as a hobby after my history teacher told me about it and explained to me a bit of the basics after school one day. and he showed me this forum and told me it is great for questions and such. so far i have studied the steps of bladesmithing, and gotten a small piece of railroad track for an anvil and a hammer, i am looking into building a gas forge with a fire brick and a propane torch, as suggested by my teacher. and i was wondering if it would be ok to use railroad spikes that you can find in the rocks around railroad tracks. my question is that most of them are rusty, some much rustier than others, how would i go about using the spikes to at least start getting some experience in hammering, should i get something like steel wool to take off as much rust as possible before i heat the spikes in the forge? or would it be ok to just forge them with the rust on them? Thank you for your time and effort to read this and help me out if you can, again thank you. -Brandon St.Laurent
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