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  1. Being schooled by someone who has studied modern steels and metallurgy and admits he has not studied wootz, it would appear marcus is the more educated about what he wants to do. I did the job of a metallurgist for 17 years without the piece of paper and have purchased several crucibles from Legend. You guys have fun.... I'm out too.
  2. I was more interested in his crucible material than anything, but I guess that doesn't matter. He's been ran off by negative comments.
  3. Add it to Niko's step by step Puukko forging method.
  4. Thank You! I'm sure the discussion will continue, it's been going on for a few hundred years already. I think Niko is right, the only way to learn wootz is from making wootz. Not an exact quote.
  5. So, your saying we can't make anything made in ancient times unless we wear skins and live in tents? Or, at least, we can't call it by the same name. What makes the difference of the heat source or the fuel or the crucible? We are trying to reproduce the chemistry and patterns. I am not being sarcastic or facetious, I'm simply asking some questions.
  6. It seems to me that many PhD's and metallurgists are trying to say it's impossible to make "True Wootz" today. We can only call it modern perspective wootz (Greg Orbach in pinned Bloomers and Buttons section "What is Wootz? 2006) I can't seem to paste anything or link to it. ?
  7. Maybe, allow him to go through his process before telling him it won't work.
  8. J_Martin

    Cast blade

    There was a Bronze age. There were a few cast blades during that period. Some redone on U-toob.
  9. J_Martin

    Cast blade

    In his first post he didn't say what kind of alloy he wanted to melt. We all just assumed he meant steel.
  10. J_Martin

    Cast blade

    You could always cast a Bronze blade.
  11. Very well made video. I learned a lot just watching the hammering steps. Welcome to the forum. B)
  12. Test test!! OK, That worked with the attachment. And it let me post one from Photobuket
  13. She'll Love it! How many layers are there? I'm counting 36 or 40?
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