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  1. Vaughan

    Recent Iron Tsuba

    What is the substance that's holding the piece?
  2. Vaughan

    List of shop tools(humor)

    It brought tears lol!! Love the hack saw and hammer most.
  3. Vaughan

    US made tools for Japanese Metalwork

    Thank you for sharing this. They're beautifully made.
  4. Vaughan

    On a personal note...

    I'm new and didnt know about this until now but I'm glad to hear she is doing well.
  5. Vaughan

    Propane forced air heater forge

    Very true, thank you for indulging me. I was never one to hold back my curiosity.
  6. Vaughan

    Propane forced air heater forge

    Curiosity more than anything else probably a stupid question.
  7. Has anyone ever used a forced air heater as a forge? This one goes from 75 to 125000 btus. If yes how can I make it work.
  8. Vaughan

    aurora/denver area smiths

    At this point in am just interested in finding something that I can work with that won't cause too much of a racket for my neighbor's. Thank you for your input I'll definitely look into c&m iron.
  9. Vaughan

    aurora/denver area smiths

    Hey I live in Thornton and I'm having trouble finding a decent anvil. Any suggestions?
  10. How do you make the spine look like that? Sorry for the change of subject.
  11. Vaughan

    Meteorite and bloom seax

    Any news?
  12. Vaughan

    A "newbie" question.

    I may have to do that. Thank you for the advice, I look forward to probing the minds on this site in the future.