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  1. I was looking through my late grandfather's office recently and came across his souvenir blades. He and some of my uncles traveled quite a bit in the past, and when they did they would bring back some of these souvenir blades for others in the family. I came across several kukri, a pair of rough daggers from Africa, and this larger copper blade. I dont recognize it, and it very well may be just one of those pieces made to sell to tourists without any real style or history. Either way I thought it was cool, and wondered if any of you with more experience would at least know a general area that it could have been made in. All of his things had a story, and I am dissapointed I dont know the story behind this one
  2. Hey all! Sorry I never completed this. Life has hit me hard this year. I had a lot of life issues at the end of last year the unfortunately kept me from much of any forge work or this forum. Then a week and a half ago I was the victim of a head on collision. I am healing well, though still hospitalized. They say I should be able to walk in about a six months. So here's hoping that I can join you all in the fun next year! I have learned a lot from everyone here, and I thank you all.
  3. 1. Alex Middleton 2. Conner Michaux 3. Will Wilcox 4. Chad Scott
  4. i thought the handle needed a little something, so i went at it with a dremel, followed by filling with brazed in brass.
  5. It is great! I want it for myself. Whenever I get a shop of my own
  6. Looks like it's either a 5 or a 6. It is also marked 1921.
  7. Thank you. I dislike having to spend time getting rid of hammer marks. I cannot leave marks on the products we make at work so I couldn't get away with poor hammer control.
  8. I will check it Monday when I get to work and let you know. If I remember right there is only a partial number there
  9. I am not entirely sure. It is a beast though. It's my favorite anvil at work.
  10. Two hours to this point maybe a bit more. with the T shape at the back of the spine i cannot grind it with the belt aanders I have, so all clean up work so far has been with a 4.5in disk.
  11. I have a box of old chisels I picked up at a yard sale for $5. I have no clue what material they are unfortunately. The seller said his father used them to make headstones. At the moment it weighs 7.6 oz. Next week I will do some more grinding and heat treat.
  12. Seeing as how the poll at the moment has blacksmith knife in the lead, I was browsing Google images last night for ideas. I came across an image that was just too perfect, I had to make it.
  13. If it is fully cured the safest thing is probably to take the finest file you have and slowly go at it. Then sandpaper once the bulk is off.
  14. There will be a theme with some general guidelines set. All you have to do is fit those. There are all skill levels taking part!
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