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  1. Bruno

    Next Group

    All Look Great! Love the pattern in 7th pic...
  2. Bruno

    I can not upload photos

    pictures too large filesize maybe?
  3. Bruno

    Epoxy Failure

    Thanks Gerhard, that is also a great idea as I first noticed the top pin coming loose during testing, which i really didn't expect. I did leave them smooth though. When I can get back to working on it, I will try all these methods.
  4. Bruno

    Epoxy Failure

    Thanks Guys, I'll give it a try and do some more testing. All seems like common sense when you think about it. Should have taken the time to do it the first time. Lately, all my work has been limited to a few hours on the weekends, so I guess I just need to slow it down a bit and do it right. I've decided to add a lanyard hole in the machetes, while it's all apart, so I'll have to get some stainless tubing. I've used G-Flex once so far on my last damascus knife, and was very pleased with it. I like the extended setup time and curing time is not bad at all.
  5. Bruno

    Stock removal hunter

    Super clean. I'd carry that around all day. You have got the Eye and the Steady hand Sir. Great Job.
  6. Bruno

    Epoxy Failure

    Should I do the same on the tang also? I've seen that done on smaller blades, but I don't want to weaken this one too much, since that's a lot of blade with forward weight on such a small tang. The tang didn't really get hardened or spring tempered due to forge size limitations. Just couldn't get the whole thing hot enough fast enough without the tip cooling off below critical. Really need to build a HT forge. I have two 33 gallon drums begging for it... My pins are 1/8", what size through hole do you use for the epoxy rivets? Again, I don't wan't to weaken more that I have too, would 1/16" be too small ? Thanks Again Geoff.
  7. Bruno

    Epoxy Failure

    That is great idea Geoff, Thanks, I will try that. I'll try hollowing the scales as well....
  8. Bruno

    Epoxy Failure

    Not sure if this is the right section. I've been working on a couple of machetes lately... I had one just about finished and was testing. Very pleased with it, rolled leaf spring, full quench, tempered at 400. Got razor sharp and great flex in it. Decapitates yucca's with single handed, single strikes I've epoxied/pinned the handles on using Devcon 2 Ton (somewhat old, like 2 years). Plenty of cure and set time. Was working out pretty well, until my last round of testing with my offhand, must have not hit dead on... I noticed as I was flexing the blade that the epoxy was separating at the top of the first pin, closest to the blade. So I popped out the pins, which seemed easier than it should have been considering that I epoxied them in as well, and started to pry the scales away. Needless to say, it seperated quite easily on both sides. The epoxy appears to have adhered to the wood (white oak), very well, but not at all to the steel seemingly. I did acetone/alcohol clean the steel before epoxy, and the surface is not really smooth, as I left the forged finish on the piece and soaked in vinegar. I did thoroughly clean after the vinegar. Was my epoxy simply too old ? Or is it the wrong epoxy for such a flexible blade without a real guard on it ? I do have some much newer G-Flex which I am going to try next. Should I bother scraping/sanding the old epoxy off the scales, or would it be beneficial to leave it on with the new epoxy ? Just want to do it better next time. This is a personal blade not meant for anyone, but I would like to do extensive testing on my process before I try and sell a few. Can't have blades break, or handles flying off you know What do ya'll think ?
  9. Bruno

    Mosaic Damascus Multi-Bar Kiritsuke-Santoku

    Great looking work. can you post pics of your process? trippy looking blade
  10. Bruno

    1st Florida Blades

    Wow. You can forge a blade with one hand and grind with the other all in between your morning coffee can't you ? Great looking blades.
  11. Bruno

    Arkansas Toothpick/Dagger

    You have to do a rough ugly blade one of these days Gary, just so we mortals can feel better about ourselves. I like that guard also, fully rounded ones look off to me. As always, you are shaming we mere mortals.
  12. Bruno

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Some new ones in the works. First attempt at longer work. Made of recycled spring steel rolled down to around 1/8 inch. Might have to build a heat treating forge for these ones. Gonna keep these ones more primal, StormCrow style. I'm calling them machete's.
  13. Bruno

    HeartLine S290 Stainless San Mai

    +1 to that. Great Work!
  14. Bruno

    Broken blade

    Dang. Good looking blade otherwise.
  15. Bruno

    Lucky Kid..

    In the news.... https://www.history.com/news/girl-sword-lake-pre-viking-era