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  1. Awesome story. Man, I bet you couldve bent the knife back straight and resharpened with no problems . Next time i hear bout a runaway tank, i think of my knives, lol...
  2. Bruno

    Safety Check.... or is it sanity...

    Update for those interested: I returned the throwaway fitting to the store, and talked to the knowledgeable folk there. I was informed that for those particular fittings, if you don't connect them straight to the tank, you wont get enough pressure since pretty much all appliances that use them have built in regulators. I swapped out the Mr. Heater brand for a generic one that was available. The Mr. Heater fitting has a built in check valve to stop the propane upon appliance disconnect. The new fitting that I got has no check valve and is purely open. Less parts but Twice the price for some reason? Anyway, so I hooked up the fitting into my idler circuit, and low and behold, a slightly better flame. Still not the kind of flame I'd expect though. So as a test I hooked the torch up to a half empty throwaway, and got the huge flame I expected. So apparently them little tanks put out more than 30 psi. Probably closer to 80 - 100 psi. Go figure. So I pulled the fitting and put it in before my regulator straight at the tank. Worked beautifully and I still have my face to boot. I added a shutoff since there is no check valve in the new fitting. Here are some pics of the setup: The Idler Circuit. Probably a bit excessive. And the forge cart with all my forges ready to go at my whim. Thanks to those that replied. I tend to overthink things unless I'm hitting stuff.
  3. Hey Guys, Been working trying to get my shop back in working order lately. So, I've been working on an Idle Circuit for my forges, and I've got it laid out pretty good so far. I have a little forge I built a while ago. The small one on the left.. And it works great for small stuff. I power it with one of these bernzomatic torches... https://www.amazon.com/Bernzomatic-BZ8250HT-Trigger-Start-Hose-Torch/dp/B001OLVPOY So I now have 3 forges sitting on that cart in the picture, and I have an idle circuit that controls them all. I have plumbing to run my 2 burner chili, the vertical in the pic, and the small one with the Bernzo torch via one these things I got locally. https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Heater-Throwaway-Cylinder-Fitting/dp/B000BQN4IS/ref=pd_ybh_a_10?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=BE5ADE574QPTBMTHNWCN I hooked it all up today, and leak tested. I attempted to run the Bernzo Torch through my idle circuit, and realized that I had to turn the pressure all the way up my propane regulator which only goes to 30 psi. The torch however produced what can only be called a weenie flame, even at full 30 psi. So here is the Safety/Sanity check part.... My uneducated/uninformed logical mind says, ok, probably not enough pressure at 30 psi. I've normally used this torch with a 20# propane tank using one of those coleman throwaway cylinder to propane pol fitting hoses I got a walmart and it works fine. However I now have the idle Circuit hooked up to my bigger 100# tank. So my plan is simple, either get a new 60psi regulator ($$$), or get a 1/4 brass pipe nipple and a 1/4 T fitting ($), and hook up my throw away cylinder fitting before my regulator. The torch itself has it's own built in regulator. So my question is... Am I creating a dangerous pressure situation here? I don't know what sort of pressure a full 100# propane tank can produce, me thinks it's more than a 20# ?? Logically thinking anyway, but like I said, uneducated/uninformed. I'm trying to avoid seeing something like the throwaway cylinder fitting or the torch regulator/hose or anything like that blowing out the side and spewing propane in my face whilst I'm in front of my forge. That seems like something best saved for a special occasion rather than Tuesday. I would think 1/4" brass pipe should be plenty to handle the pressure to the 'T' since the POL fitting going into the regulator is only 1/4". Another question. I got my Throwaway fitting locally instead of Amazon, however amazonians have stated that the needle valve in the fitting may be too deep or not seat correctly with some appliances. Some have drilled it out. So does 30 psi sound like enough pressure going to this little Bernzo Torch? Maybe it is the fitting ? In which case adding the Pipe nipple and the T before the regulator would accomplish nothing more than time and money expenditure. I think I'm Thinking about this too hard. What do ya'll say ? -B
  4. Bruno

    Bangin' & Jammin'

    Amon Amarth. h*ll yeah. Gormathon... Rock On!.... Angel Vivaldi ..... woah.... gives the Malmsteen a run for his money . Way too many others. Mastadon, Dethklok, Eluvietie, Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Ensefirum, Jinjer, Apocyliptica... Black Tiger Sex Machine. Okilly Dokilly = lol
  5. JPH, So sorry about the tools and stock theft. The desert is becoming a more and more lawless place by the day. May I suggest feeding some gators to keep them near your new place in the swamp ? Great for garbage disposal. I'm also a big fan of spikes on anything and everything everywhere. I do hope you are back up and running soon. I often struggle with the constant thought of knives unmade or unfinished. Sucks when you can't do what you want to be doing for whatever reason. Wish I had more to offer in way of funds. But when book four comes out, I myself and I think many of us here will be on that waiting list. Best of luck to you Sir. -Bruno
  6. Congrats on the progress. May your forging grounds release the squeal of sharpened steel through air and all matter in its path post haste. The sooner the vets get back to work, the sooner we noobs might learn something new...
  7. What sort of aid are you asking for sir ? Are you selling stock ? I'd very much hate to see a Master Craftsman go out of business. I've just had to dig a very long trench myself, about 300'. The pick is worse for wear. I wish you a speedy solution to your problems.
  8. I'm no pro by any stretch of the imagination. But I second what Wes said. I own a 2x72. And it's great. And it's also great at messing stuff up real fast. Can you get along with out a belt grinder.? Absolutely. Do files and sandpaper take forever ? YES!. I'd say, go ahead and make your knife with what you have plus some files and sandpaper. See if it's even something you want to do, before you spend hard earned money on equipment. Today we live in a world of instant gratification. And the recent popularity of "Knife Making" has garnered lots of attention and attraction by many, but in my experience, which is limited mind you, I spend more time with sandpaper and trying not to mess up on my grinder than I do forging. If you can't afford the time to make something well, then a piece of equipment is not going to help you in any way. There are many ways to skin a cat, and a knife is no different. Any machinery that makes something go faster is good only if you can control it well. If, however you are in no rush ?, then a good file and a good piece of steel is all you need. You did not mention if your intent was on stock removal or forging ?
  9. Bruno

    Biohazard Outbreak Response Blade, Short

    Mean chopper for sure. how thick is the spine? The wide forward belly almost makes it look like a 1/2 kukri. wicked point on it too.
  10. Bruno

    NewVeau Dagger

    Very Pretty. Awesome work. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Bruno

    asking for web hosting recommendations

    GreenGeeks dot com. Cheap, reliable, eco friendly, great support. Used them before, and the service is good. From the website: "Independently Owned Since 2008. Hosting 300,000+ Websites". I don't like dealing with big companies either. Good Luck with your search, -Bruno
  12. Bruno

    A little too accurate..

  13. I wish you a speedy recovery Mr. JPH. May the Gods of Health and Strength Shine upon your troubles. And if there is a pre-release order list for book four, I'd like to be on it. Just being selfish I guess
  14. Found this video, and found it awesome and informative, so thought I'd share. I learned something. Never seen or thought of using clay in slurry form while forging. Enjoy. -Bruno Edit: Oops, looks like someone already posted this video...