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  1. Bruno


    2 confirmed cases in: at my county. hope they get better. really do. meanwhile, has anyone ever seen these plans for a homemade blower ? http://www.rayrogers.com/blower.htm inventive I'd say. would it really be enough to power a forced air burner ? Forced air is more fuel efficient isn't it? Not counting the power to the blower. How big would the pipe have to be to equal the power of 2 x 1" old chili venturi burners ? About a good weld heat at an 18"x9" interior?
  2. know of any good demonstration vids of that? Also, here is my latest... 300+ layer, 1084/15n20/52100, twisted raindrop from a piece left over. gotta work on a sheath now...
  3. Bruno


    It's funny. My local town declared a local emergency 2 weeks ago. Very prudent, gotta get in on that gooberment money you see. No confirmed cases in the county as of yet. Then they close all the city offices. No visitors, for the safety of our employees and all that. Very smart, very smart. Schools are shut down too. As are all the court houses. Then the mayor comes out and says, "We have no plans to shut down local businesses." So the county gets a paid vacation, gooberment money, meanwhile the hospitals are understaffed, they cancelled all appointments for non virus related things, and people that have waited months just to see the Dr., get to stay home and wait. And the price of a small 4 pack of TP doubled and you are limited to 1 pack. Makes you want to laugh. Just don't ask any questions...
  4. Bruno


    I don't like being sick. Had a bout back in November that put me down for 3 weeks. Never get sick like that. The virus is a concern, more for the family... But dang it, it's the people that worry me more. "Hoarding" guns, TP, buying truck loads of food before they set the limits on stuff, and the price gouging online and locally. Seen it right here in my local town. Human nature at is best, err at least at it's most natural I guess. Between the druggies, opportunists and just bad people out there looking to go all Escape from L.A. on you, it's only a matter of time before the bad ones start exploring the limits. People being let out of jails, medical staff overworked, everyone scared, whether they admit it or not, I'd say this one is gonna be a real litmus test for our Country as a people if not for all of humanity as a civilization. It's everywhere. I remember how scared people were when the towers fell, I lived in Brooklyn at the time, and I also remember how it brought people together and how so many people banded together and did all they could do to help. This one feels different. Hug your loved ones, Plant a garden, and be kind. We'll get through it.
  5. ''barry can't arf weld', First Awesome ! Second, Lol. Everybody should see this vid. Humbling indeed. Thanks for posting Alan...
  6. Excellent Video Jennifer! Great clean forging and informative video. And you truly have a gift for seamless editing. Great Work.
  7. Orson Scott Card had some good ones I can't name. He wrote many, more sci-fi though, but dark...
  8. I've got enough trouble finishing the knives on my bench, let alone someone else's good works. Just saying, I'd like to participate if possible, but a collab is starting to sound complicated. If hatchets win, we could limit it to just hatchet heads, that way you gotta put your own handle on. That's kind of a collab? Good way to respect and represent someone else's work as well without the constraint of having to send it out. Just a thought.
  9. Thanks for the info Joël. I keep trying to get on that facebooks, but I so dislike social media so very much. Every time I try I feel like I'm at a walmarts on a crowded day. Lol.
  10. Congrats Joël ! I knew it was worth way more than I said. Just a matter of the market and how good a salesman you are. Just out of curiosity, was the buyer an associate or contact of yours or just a random guy ? I only ask because I'm not a good salesman, and don't sell any knives really. The last time I tried at a show, it didn't go well. I'm not really active trying to sell. Just wondering if you get more hits from contacts or from advertising?
  11. SWEEEET Knife Joël!! That's not an integral bolster is it? Clean either way. Custom work, depending on your neighborhood, but I wouldn't let that go for less than $450. I may be way off as far as market pricing since every other guy is a bladesmith anymore. I'm kinda low balling it. And guys seem to be turning out cheaper (not necessarily low quality, mind you) blades these days. Makes sense in terms of profit. But for quality like that, I just can't see less than $450. How much time in it ? A real chef would appreciate it. Might be too pricey for a home cook. I've not had much luck finding people in my area that know anything better than walmart brand, but your market may vary. Good Luck.
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