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  1. Had a problem with my power hammer. So I decided to repair/upgrade. They way I had the connecting rod to spring linkage was dependent on the Rubber's inside the leaf spring to maintain stiffness. Well guess what ? The desert dried out the rubber. So as a result, the connecting rod linkage was causing a slapping effect. The rod would either move the linkage forward or backward during use. Wasn't any fun. So I fixed it. I added a Linkage stabilizer I guess you could call it to stiffen the spring linkage, and upgraded the connection to the turn buckle/height adjustment. The turn buckle was connected using a 3/4" grade 8 bolt, but it was starting to wear down, so I changed it to a 1.5" shaft with grease fittings. Seems to be running smooth now. Now I just need to shorten the connecting rod by a few inches so I can get full height again. Not running it at full speed. Seems like I can get 3-4 hits a second.
  2. Bruno

    Bummed big time

    Some people have no respect at all. Sorry Doug. The police might help. I've lived in some crappy neighborhoods. Not advocating anything, but I'm the type to go looking for what's mine and make a point while doing it. Again, not advocating anything. Damned drugs taking over this whole country. A Couple years back in my nearest town there was an article about opioids. Seems that the Doctors had prescribed over 3 Million opioid pills to my county alone over the course of 2 years. No where near that many people in my county. Nice to know that the doctors are looking out for us handing out highly addictive opioids like candy. Screw the camera's. Get a shotgun and make a point of sitting on your porch with it. I advise you to ignore anything that might seem like a suggestion. Tool theft burns me good. Unfortunately you have been burned worse. Best of Luck.
  3. Don't Smoke. It'll kill you badly. And just make someone else rich doing it. That part really bugs me. If it were free, well then do what thou wilt. Otherwise, have fun with the Ferric
  4. I wouldn't drink it. Only had one 1/2 semester of chemistry in junior high. Yay Public School. But I believe It's just Iron and Chlorine. Spoon fulls of either wouldn't be good. But I don't believe is toxic, at least not in the sense of "OMG It touched me, I'm gonna Die!". Hopefully some of the more knowledgeable around here will chime in. But I've always believed it to be safer than Muriatic or Sulfuric acid others have used for etching. Keep some baking soda around anyways. .02
  5. That's a slick design Conner. I like it. Super useful for an edc. The only thing I don't like is the choil at the bottom of the blade there. It is my experience that choils get hung up in things when cutting. Especially on a small blade. I've never had a problem sharpening a knife that didn't have one. Just my personal taste though, if you like it there, then by All Means, put it in. Great looking design either way.
  6. Well I just learned a lot. Thanks for the Vid Gerhard. Truly a Master Smith there. Is it wrong that I want to see the thing cut into something ?
  7. Awesome work Jake! Wow Indeed. Really like the see through handle with the twisted tang. Don't think I've seen anything like that before. Great Job!
  8. A Naturally aspirated ribbon burner ? That sounds too cool. What is this info you speak of ? Awesome project Kenon. Also interested in the results. I've got a big old piece of pipeline that been begging to be built into a forge.
  9. My OCD makes me agree with this. I tend to use a deep etch on my damascus, and I like to leave them on the greyer side since I have an aversion to shiny. The grey after etch patina helps a lot with rust for me, but I also live in a very dry environment. I tend to scrub my blades with the green scotch brite part of the sponge after food use and then wipe dry. Patina's start as more of a blue color on my damascus blades. Don't know if that's a rule, just my experience, but it comes off real easy with a couple scrubs from the scotch brite. Again, I live in a super dry environment, so I don't really bother with any sort of oil. Although, any good Food Safe oil should help well. But I imagine that can be extra tedious with something that is often used, which all knives should be. I like Gary's idea about the oiled felt, never thought of that. Sounds super useful. I think any uncoated high carbon steel will start to patina within 30 seconds of acidic food use. It's not really a bad thing. Just adds to the character of the knife.
  10. Yeah, I've been looking around for Resolene, but can't find it locally. Will have to look online. The Color rubbing off seems to have stopped for now. I Just let it sit and dry over a couple days. It seems somewhat stable now. Will have to see how it works over the next few weeks. I haven't done anything to the sheath since it was made. I think my initial problem was that I did it all in a few hours. I guess I didn't give the dye enough time to set/dry, then when I added the wax I think it all sort of mixed in. Since the wax is nice and hardened now, like I said, seems stable. Only time will tell. Not even sure what kind of dye it is, since I didn't buy it, and the container is all inked over. The wax I used is from a block of I believe "Canning Wax", I got from a yard sale a while back. Probably Parafin. Not sure if it's the best to use, but it's worked in the past. Seems to get much harder than beeswax itself. Thanks all for the help, I will see how the next sheath comes out.
  11. Cool. I'll have to track down some sealer. I imagine I'll have to remove the wax I already put on before I use any. Any easy way of doing that without cooking the leather ?
  12. Gerhard, What if you drill a 4mm hole in a block of steel, then make a point on the 6mm rod and pound a piece into the hole. Something like a nail header, like the old timey blacksmiths made nails with. If you take 2 pieces of say 1/4" flat bar, and stick them together in a vice, then drill the 4 mm hole down the seam where the two plates meet, then you should have a 2mm half circle in each piece of flat bar. Then pound your piece of 6mm down into it as much as you need, then remove from the vice and you can easily remove the new pin. Hope that makes sense.
  13. Does anyone know how to keep leather dye from rubbing off ? I thought a saw a post about it recently, but I can't find it. I just finished a sheath out of elk hide, and I had some black/dark brown dye laying around. I don't have much experience with leather. I applied the dye. Then I put a wax coat on top, but the dye keeps rubbing off when I wipe it down with a cloth. The dye I think is Browns something or other, the label is colored over. Also, the bottle says,Harmful/Fatal if swallowed, should I be worried if I handle the sheath and then eat something or prepare food? I still have dye on my hands I can't get off. I believe the elk hide was tanned, if that makes any difference. Any help on the subject is appreciated.
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