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  1. I'm still trying to figure out that flying business. I keep trying to forget I'm falling, but always get reminded with a jolt of pain when I hit the ground. Sigh, maybe Marvin can help if he ever shows up...
  2. Hey Guys, Unfortunately, I'm gonna miss out on this one this time. Shop time has been scarce and life has been busy this year. Have not even posted in a while. Beautiful entries this year, and I'd be pleased with any one of those blades. Great Job Gents.
  3. Looks cool. I like it as is. Maybe a small cord wrap or knot around the bottom or center?
  4. Awesome info Joshua! Thank you. Now I have yet another thing to try...
  5. 1. Alex Middleton 2. Cory LA 3. Conner Michaux 4. billyO 5. Ted Stocksdale 6. Geoff Keyes 7. Brian Dougherty 8. Pieter-Paul Derks 9. Robert Dowse 10. Gary LT 11. Bruno
  6. Welcome Britt. Fair warning, forging can be an addiction. If you insist on continuing, I would suggest you find your local metal supplier. You will need them for all sorts of stock and tools they would have on hand. For stock removal, you would ideally want a good belt grinder. They can be built fairly easily with or without a welder and even using wooden wheels. A Drill Press helps immensely, even a small one will out work anyone with a hand drill. If you want to stay old school, then you need a vise, just all around useful. Avoid cast iron ones if you can for heavy work
  7. https://knifemaking.com/collections/bar-stock/products/copper-bar-barstock?variant=30904426856584
  8. That's cool! Now i gotta try that. What's a good source for copper and nickle?
  9. Bummed about being out last year myself. I like the shop tool idea. A tool, or small tool set would be cool. Like a set of wood or steel chisels, or a nice pair of tongs, hammer or something. Sounds cool. The knife by steel dimension is also a cool idea. If I may offer some ideas: 1) I've never done a folder. Something like a lock back would be cool. I like butterfly's too. 2) What if you take the 1x1" challenge and turn it into something like , everyone make a piece of 1x1 or 2x2 or whatever damascus, then send to the other guy to make a knife from for
  10. Great info. Thanks Jerrod for taking the time.
  11. ouch. One for the lesson's bin ?
  12. Awesome chart Joël! Thanks! Also a fan of 52100 here. And have never used O1, so can't say. What a about a San Mai with soft iron? Not sure if that would perform better or worse than a differentialy heat treated blade, or a full spring tempered blade. Depends on what your friend is doing with the knife I guess. Throwing them a concrete walls or prying doors open, or just cutting lots of cardboard all day. I also agree with Garry Keown and the scandi grind. 52100 is nice to work with and keeps a good edge. Just keep it hot.
  13. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Coleman-High-Pressure-Propane-Hose-And-Adapter-5-Feet/19897422 was only $10 a few years ago... Yay inflation. Mr. heater and coleman make lots of propane accessories .
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