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  1. Bruno

    I am VERY VERY pleased with this!!

    Hey Andy, That wobble in the vid looks to be the bottom tracking wheel, at least on video, don't think there is anything wrong with your motor. I would take all tracking wheels off and check the bearings and alignment. They may just be seated wrong or something else weird. The bottom one looks suspicious, it looked a little wobbly in the first vid, maybe possible, they are not perfectly aligned, could be a loose bolt. You can also check all the frame bolts and make sure the frame is rigid, especially in the main arm. Any wiggle can turn into a wobble elsewhere. Not likely, but you could also check the motor alignment, the main roller should be in-line and not offset in anyway, with the belt tracking rollers and the motor must be secured well. Should be a sweet machine once you get it tuned...
  2. Bruno

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Had this project on the back burner for a while. Finally got around to it. Here is my new forging vise: A little bit overkill... Made from remnants of a forklift tine for one jaw, and a 2 inch square trailer axle cut in two on the other side. 1 inch bolt for the pivot. 1.25 inch acme threaded rod. Old hitch ball for the end of the screw. All stuff I had laying around. The Vise is Loosely based on the Snediker Post Vise. https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/a2/60/8b/fa6ce135662175/US699585-drawings-page-1.png As always, I veered off spec. Built this to replace my old Wilton, which is set too high for forge work, and I always felt bad hitting it with a sledge. Here is is holding whats left of the fork lift tine. This stuff usually 4140 or similar ? Any creative idea's on what to do with this last piece ? And finally, here is the new vise holding a 3.5 inch x 18 inch solid round. That will be the hammer head for my treadle project. Weighs about 50 lbs. Hoping it will work out well once I get it anchored to the floor.
  3. Bruno

    I am VERY VERY pleased with this!!

    Congrats Andy, Those are great to have. Watch your fingers, always use P.P.E. and have fun. Just remember, belts break some times and that can be a fun BTM. And once the belts are dull, just save yourself the trouble and get new ones. You'll just burn up your steel and your time otherwise. Many jigs and contraptions have been made to help with grinding, and don't forget that forge scale is super hard, and will eat belts right up, so a vinegar dip or angle grinder will help save your belts. Have Fun Man
  4. Bruno

    Rail clip tanto, first attempt with this steel.

    Nice Blade. I got a few of those laying around. Will have to try it out as well. I really like the profile of that tanto also...
  5. Bruno

    Damascus falchion

    That''s a beautiful sword Mathew! Congrats on the Award. I like the sheath as well. Simple, Functional, Elegant...
  6. Bruno

    Bangin' & Jammin'

    always a fan of :
  7. Bruno

    Bangin' & Jammin'

    The Hu are cool... Check these guys out also
  8. Bruno

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Got to working on that square block today, cut out a square about 2 inches deep in that old stump. Don't know what kind of wood it is, maybe pine? Didn't get a pic of the cut because when I went in to do a test fit the block slid right in and was a tight fit, so I just pounded it the rest of the way in. It's in there solid now, not coming out easily. Looks like I totally scored on that block because it IS hardened. Took me forever just to polish it up as much as you see, and that was with an angle grinder. Has more center mass than my heavier real anvil and I think it will work out well. If you look real close, you can see how close I got my fit on the first try, not bad for my rusty noob woodworking skills...
  9. Bruno

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Spent a good 3 hours yesterday wrestling a 30 year old rubber truck tire off a nice metal rim. Worth the effort. So today I put it to use for my new anvil like object. 4 inch solid round axle of some sort as main base , welded on fork lift tine, with my new wheel rim as a stabilizer base. Ignore the chain. About 250 lbs total weight. Got it set high, mostly gonna use it to help flatten and straighten long blades, but also hope to use it for a main anvil for a treadle hammer of some sort. Found this guy at a swap meet a while back for like $30. Dunno what steel but it has a real nice rebound and seems hard enough... So I'm gonna mount it on my old anvil stump and see how it works. 4x4x10 "
  10. Bruno

    Celtic Iron 3

  11. Bruno

    Celtic Iron 3

    Nice hammer work man! You should show us some of your tooling you used on the spears. Great Work !
  12. Bruno

    Frozen tongs

    Mike, Heat them up again at the rivet, then try again to move them in either direction, once at a red heat they should move. They should move before your reins start to bend. Once broken, Move them back and forth until they work smoothly. Worst case, you may have to grind off the rivet and put a new one in, though that shouldn't be necessary. I like to keep my water bucket close, but not so close as to cause problems such as yours. A high carbon steel knife blank landing in water would be a bad thing And I drop things a lot...
  13. Bruno

    Knives are.........?

    One should be so lucky to be pegged buy such a pretty knife. Could have been worse, might have scratched the finish! Or you know, lost a toe. Hope your dad is O.K.
  14. Bruno

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Finished up that knife today. Kept it simple, just a paracord wrap with some rubber/leather underneath. I've been practicing battling the old O.C.D., and I often tend to spend too much time at the grinder. I really had to try hard to leave the scale finish on this one. I ground the primary bevel as a thick hollow grind, then finished with an apple seed edge and clip. Wicked sharp, and chops good too. Also finished up the anvil bic I was working on. Man this thing was a beast to forge, even with the power hammer. Just didn't want to move much. Anyone with any ideas as to what kind of steel it would be? Was a jackhammer bit I think. And pretty old as well. The thing started at over 1 inch thick hex cross section. It surprised the heck out of me when it cracked almost half way through at the top when I started forging it. I was using a 6 lb hammer. I think it was just too cold, but I wonder if it was an existing crack?
  15. That is some very nice work Wes. I'd be proud to own that...