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    Blunt knives

    So these have anti-stick sharpening compound on them ? Is that Teflon based ? I once stood up and stabbed myself in the foot with a sharp round toothpick sticking up in carpet. Went up to the ankle. Maybe they know where I can get some blunted toothpicks ?
  2. That's cool looking. Truly unique.
  3. Wow Gary! You really do 10 mosaic blades a week, don't you? You only show us one at a time so we don't feel bad about our own skills...
  4. Mmmm, Love Tri-Tip. That fish looks good too. I'm one of those poor souls that's never tried trout. Here's a recipe for a good glaze. Works Great on Pork Butt, but I've used it on tri-tip and comes out great. Mix: Honey, Spicy Brown Mustard, Salt, Pepper and Thyme. Mix it all up, and glaze on 1/2 way or close to end of cooking. Simple and Tasty. Stabbing some garlic cloves in some pork but always comes out good too, with or without the glaze.
  5. Just finished this one up. UHMV for the handle and sheath. First try at serrations. This one is going to see salt water and is pure utility.
  6. Making some more progress. I've got 2 of these up to a mirror polish, waiting for fittings and etch. And the 3rd is almost at mirror. Had to work some stainless down from the block I have, think it's 303, for fittings. I'm going to attempt to make the 2 Mutt damascus with frame handles. So I rolled out some stainless for the frame and for some liners if I decide to use them. Also, the third small one will have a ring guard outta stainless. Unrelated, but I also forged out a pallet breaker someone wanted. Didn't take too long. Worked on my oak pallet. Now to figure out how to make a nice frame handle. The ring guard should be fun too. Gotta make more parts for the Power Hammer. Having a lot of slop where the connecting rod meets the springs. A breakage waiting to happen. The Joy's of machine maintenance...
  7. Been there once. Fun for a few minutes. But I thought everything was overpriced for what it was. Couldn't even find a good solid Arkansas stone there. Left with some paracord. Sevierville is pretty though. The whole state of Tennessee is pretty. Always my favorite one to drive through. And dang if there isn't plenty of eye candy.
  8. The hardest part is resisting the urge to throw my newly made knives at something just to see how well they would throw. That may change when I get a proper target set up. The twisted one hasn't broken any further as of yet, so that's good.
  9. Hey All, Not posted much lately. Been busy. Here is my latest work so far. Been working on this batch lately: Lets start with the first Fail of the bunch. This guy was made from a file. It had a slight crack/line on one side of the blade, I thought I could grind it out,but unfortunately the crack travels somehow straight down the center of the blade. I broke the tip off and could see the crack going right down the middle. Oddly enough it still heat treated without exploding and gets sharp. I call it a fail. \ These guys are paracord wrapped over elk hide. Sheath is 1/2 wood 1/2 leather with cord overwrap. Worked out nicely. Here is a Hunter type clip point. Stainless Fittings and Black Walnut Handle. Elk Hide sheath. Peening the end after all the glue and fit sure was stressful. But worked out in the end. 6 inch blade. Here is a small kitchen knife I found hiding unfinished in a box somewhere. Leaf Spring, Manzanita Handle. The Stand is also a raw piece of Manzanita. I got some sort of activity on this blade after etch. Didn't come out good in the pic. But was surprising considering this is leaf spring, and as I recall it was real hard to forge, feels like chromium in the mix. Here is a larger Kitchen Cutter. Got a lot of activity on this one. Same batch of springs as the small kitchen. Again, unexpected activity after etch. Dunno Whats going on here or why, but I don't think this is a 10xx steel. Handle is made of "Cat's Claw", dunno the real word for it. It's from a local bush with lots of little thorns on it that look like Cat's Claw's, it's why we call it Cat's Claw I guess. Related to the iron wood family I've heard before. Stand is made of Red Oak: And Finally here is a Kiridashi made from some sort of Mining Drill Rod I found out here. 150# test line, over wrapped with black leather. The stand is made of more of that Cat's Claw. Really pretty stuff when you look at it up close. And for those wondering about the Mark on these knives. Here it is. My Makers Mark I finally got a stencil for: That's all for now. More to come as I can get to it. Thoughts always welcome...
  10. Here is my Makers Mark.
  11. Looks like a Master Piece To me. Great Job Gary!
  12. Dang! That's looks Great!
  13. ,Late on this one, As far as motors, I got a 2hp 1725 Farm Duty Motor/220v on my Rusty Style. Works Great. Great motor, got from surpluscenter. Leeson Motor. Can't go wrong. Around $400. As far as tweaking machinery... In my experience, if it moves it needs maintenance. The cleaner your motion, as in the less wobble, the less likely your gear will tear itself apart. My initial build worked. Then I broke the Jackshaft to the tire clutch. Then I got access to a lathe and rebuilt the parts. Running smooth now. But when dealing with the forces a 2hp motor can create and the the pounding of heavy steel parts, things are going to wear and break. I hear even Little giants need to be tuned right to run well. A bad tuning will tear something up in short order. To be fair, I doubt my hammer has 25 hours on it. And call me crazy but it feels like the weather affects things like my Water pump to my house, so sometimes it just feels like things run funny on some days. .02
  14. I like that one Geoff. Gets right to the point. If I may, I think a nice black leather would suit that one better than cord. Would be more comfortable in use me thinks. Push daggers can be hard on the hands, at least the ones I've used before, even with a rubber molded handle. A softer leather would allow for more gription especially around the top two fingers. IMHO.
  15. Been busy trying to turn steel into something else. I have a collection sitting there and only 24 hours in a day. So I spent a little time, and not much money on this prototype: I introduce to you the Turbo Stab-O'-Matic 1000: Just a prototype, put together lazily as proof of concept. All parts were on hand except for the belts and a small pulley. 1/3 hp motor. tried 1/10 hp first, but that was not powerful enough. It worked well. This was shamelessly stolen from Shurap on youtube because a Good Idea is a Good Idea. His machine is much nicer.
  16. Man That Sure is nice. With the kith Date a mere 4 months away, I better get started. You are setting the bar High there.
  17. Bruno


    Life is exercise enough for me. Too many daily chores that require me to put on my Ox hat. Since I stopped doing demolition work (not the fun kind), I added a couple pounds, since I don't lose 8 pounds a day in water in the sun anymore. I do try to keep in shape though, and yes it does affect my knife making abilities. Just standing at the grinder for a few hours can really wear you down in short order. Love forging so I'd probably do that even if I was limp and dead When doing anything physical, just got to remember the basics. Breathe. Hydrate. Pace yourself. Good Form. I'm not a young man anymore, but I'd bet you that I could outwork myself from 15 years ago, today. Been about a year or two since I swung the 12# sledge single handed while forging. Lol, didn't have a helper, but most the time I avoid doing things that get me hurt. Keep up on cardio, and the body should follow...
  18. Wow! That is a sweet pattern and a sweet little knife. I'd use that all day.
  19. Looking Great Gary! Can't wait to see the finished piece...
  20. Hey All, Been busy lately. Here is a set just out of its second Temper Cycle. Heat Treated last night. Mostly recycled materials. The Mutt Damascus started as 3 types of old band saw blades, then added Leaf Spring, A FIle, Drill Rod. Then added a few layers of 1084, 15n20 and 52100. It's a Mutt. Now for the fun of cleaning, handling and sheathing the lot...
  21. Thanks Joshua , I will have to try a slower cool on the next bar and see how it works...
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