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  1. Greetings Alex, Listen to the metallurgists on the forum, I'm not one of them. But, I seem to recall reading something about chromium in steels like 5160 negatively affecting fire striker performance. I could be wrong. But as everyone has said, a different steel may be a better choice for this project. Something simpler in the 1070+ range, perhaps? But if you wish to keep trying this particular piece, maybe you can try and obscenely long soak time before the heat treat. Maybe get it up near welding temp and hold it there for a while, maybe 5-15 minutes? But that i
  2. I like it. Think you are heading in just the right direction. Orange juice, Sunlight, Exercise and shear stubbornness makes the covids docile. At least that helps me every time I catch a bug... or the bug, depends on where you're from seemingly Keep on Keeping on...
  3. Always something new to learn. Those channels are good. I get the shutting off the brain bit. Though sometimes I wish I was resetting passwords or fixing the email servers again. Still code a bit, when I'm not exhausted. You can only dig so many holes before you just stop giving a *bleep*...
  4. A few from one of my favorite bands. Woot Ukraine! Enjoy!
  5. Hadn't kept up with the show much these days. Don't watch much TV and too busy to sleep most days. But, I managed to catch an episode the other day. Think it was season 9, the Blackout episode. First I've seen in a while. My favorite part about the show has always been seeing the forging, triumphs and mistakes included, and learning something. And the chaos and destruction is always a plus. Seeing the smiths go back to roots using just hammer and anvil and fire was nice to see. The last few episodes of the show that I've watched felt rushed and more focused on the end result than th
  6. Nice work on the knife Faye. I totally understand about the distasteful part. Sometimes, I think it's about knowing your customer, so as to avoid unnecessary effort in widdling wood when a leather wrap would have been plenty. I think the guy copied this knife... https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-fex90914pb/images/stencil/2048x2048/products/390/2564/wps-clinch-pick-2.0__54743.1649429806.jpg?c=2 Here is an interesting vid on the theory of the design, for those interested. It's a very purpose built knife. No hijacking intended. https://www.youtube.com
  7. https://www.dhmo.org/facts.html Uhhhm... LoL :p Nice one Alan!
  8. That is an awesome idea! --->Searching instructions on building a small induction forge now...
  9. Bruno


    Yeah, not my cleanest work. I'm calling it a prototype. My forge is not exactly big enough for the whole thing with the flanges opened up. Kind of had to rush the heats. Really wish I had a coal supply for jobs like this. Wanted to see if it could be done without using a welder, before I tried it with spring steel. ... Had an unfortunate incident on the side of the road the other day. It was stupid and unnecessary. Tried to walk away at first too. The Golden Rule is a simple rule. Wish people cared. Or at least come to the conclusion that it's not worth starti
  10. Bruno


    Lol. 10 points Alan!
  11. Bruno


    A Flower for my people. Made of Mild steel. Pinned oak handle. Deer and Couch hide for the leather. 10 points to anyone that can guess what the flanges are made of...
  12. 1. Alex Middleton 2. Jaron Martindale 3. Francis Gastellu 4. Geoff Keyes 5. Aiden Carley-Clopton 6. Brian Dougherty 7. Eric Morgan 8. Don Abbott 9. Doug Webster 10. Alan Longmire 11. Ted Stocksdale 12. Chiyo Razi 13. Joshua States 14. Bruno Good excuse to get more forging in. So many options... Maybe we can start an idea thread ? For those undecided on what to make...
  13. Has anyone ever noticed that places like Amazon, Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, etc... are not exactly easy to get a hold of? No contact numbers listed. Everything over electronic contact of some sort. (Corporate offices notwithstanding). I think they generally keep it that was because they already have your money or info, so there is no need to contact you. Everyone else is a scam. If they want something from you and it's not official business that you personally know something about, then again, probably a scam. The internet used to be good.
  14. No Way... I started over on AnvilFire myself. Learned a lot from that group, before smithing and blademaking was "cool". R.I.P.
  15. That Sux! Big Time. Hope the guy gets a flat tire in a bad neighborhood.
  16. Any restrictions on a "small seax"? Size or construction?
  17. Bruno


    It does make sense, but by the look of it, it's only glued around a shallow (if that's the right word?) part of the stone. So depending on the epoxy and the level of use, the stone will fall out eventually, most likely under any sort of impact. Had you enveloped the copper around the wider part of the stone, it would be more secure. In other words, had you set the stone deeper into the copper pipe, and wrapped the pipe around the thinner top part of the stone and epoxied, it probably would never move. That's just my take on it. Take it with a grain of salt as I've never used stone in a b
  18. Bruno


    4th Knife ? Not bad at all. How did you attach the stone? Just glue ? Only thing I would say, is that the handle could have used a little contouring so it's less likely to slip in the hand in hard use. Otherwise, I dig it.
  19. Bummed I wasn't able to deliver on the last KITH. Hope to make it up on the next. I like the tool idea. How about we make a set of bladesmithing tongs? Probably the most used tool we all use. Maybe either set a certain design, like box jaws/pickers/punch holders or something, or whatever is the smith's favorite. I've had success making some out of leaf spring, so I wouldn't limit it to mild steel. Maybe a smallish hammer or a guillotine instead? If ya'll wanna stick to blades. I'd be down for a midsize hatchet or tomahawk. Otherwise, I really liked the desi
  20. Awesome video and a beautiful blade. Thanks for the video!
  21. Bruno

    Modern Seax

    Thanks Doug, Yes, I forced the patina. Used a long ferric soak after getting to 600 grit or so. Brings out the the grain a little...
  22. Hey All, Been a while... Here's my latest finished, a modern style seax. Blade Material: Recycled Leaf spring Blade Length: 18" Tip to Plunge. +1" for ricasso Full Tang Thickness: 1/4" max at top 3/16" at base Handle: black walnut Slabs. Pinned and peened. Black leather strip overwrap. Overall: 25" Long 1 3/4" At the Widest
  23. I'm still trying to figure out that flying business. I keep trying to forget I'm falling, but always get reminded with a jolt of pain when I hit the ground. Sigh, maybe Marvin can help if he ever shows up...
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