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  1. With a vertical forge. do you guys coat the entire top layer (under the top lid) of fiber blanket with satanite ? Front and back ? Or is just the hot side enough ? Probably just over thinking it again, just thought about escaping heat through any gaps that may be left between the inner layer and the top cover layer. -Bruno
  2. Alan, Thank you, I appreciate the offer. But the funny thing is, I already have 2 propane stoves. They just tend to use up a lot of propane which I use for cooking with aswell. Also, running them inside tends to heat up my whole house, which is not a problem in the winter, but not so good in the summer. My spare oven just takes up too much room to put in my shop/garage. And running it outside is not the best option in my opinion due to the wind and dust we get out here, also them darned free range cows like to destroy anything not covered in barbed wire (even that doesn't last long wh
  3. Geoff, Wow, never thought about that. That's a great Idea. I do have a little toaster oven. And I will be using it. I just wanted something a little more controllable, and something I can stick in my shop that won't take up too much room. Electric is fine and good, but I do like the portability that propane offers. And I think maybe cheaper in the long run. I don't know, don't usually run much electric appliances out here in the Desert. The AC unit takes a toll by itselft. A Million ways to skin a cat. Wish I thought of it, and now I'm jealous that I didn't. I would l
  4. Hello, I'm new around here, but have been lurking for a while. The wealth of information I have found here and on similar sites makes me think there is still hope for the internet. Anyway, I am an aspiring knifemaker, and have recentely taken to "upgrading" my equipment. I'm almost finished (I use the term loosley) with a power hammer build, Junk Yard Rusty style, and have aqquired the materials neccessary for the construction of a couple new forges. I am also going to attempt to construct a Tempering oven similar to the one built by Jesus Hernandez from this post: http://www.bladesmit
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