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  1. Well, first I'd say, what is the way it should hold material ? Second, it's your vise. So do whatever you want with it. I doubt you'll be kicked off this forum for modifying your own property. Vise's are meant to be used, and I've only seen a couple examples of ones to be fawned over. Leg vises do work different than a machinist vise as Chris has mentioned, so it really depends on what you are aiming for. If you want to modify your vise, you can go ahead with the angle iron, but you need not weld it in place. You could just set them in the vise and have them removable. You ca
  2. Awesome video Niels, and a beautiful sword. Thank You for sharing and your efforts.
  3. Nice work for a first. Very clean. Keep it up... Use it and tell us how it performs.
  4. By no means an Original here, but I first joined the forum in the last year or two when Mr. Fogg was still running it. It has been an extremely valuable resource, and I still appreciate it's existence. Can't say where some of the old posters went, but I do know life gets in the way of many things, and the knowledge that they left is still valuable. The pictures alone of some of the work is enough to look at my own work and realize how much it sucks. Hope it keeps going. .02 cents
  5. Wow, didn't know people were doing tapered tangs that long ago. Beautiful knife...
  6. Hey Chris, First note, congrats on new forge. Second, if it was gotten off of ebay or other less reputable sources, please make sure that the ceramic fiber is coated in something, such as a rigidizer, satanite, or casting of some sort. Lots of people new to forges end up buying cheap forges on ebay or even amazon, and they will work, but are not readily safe. So please make sure. Other wise, my own forge starts at around 3 psi with two 1" burners. That's a good orange heat after about 15-20 mins. For real work and welding, I go to around 6-8 psi depending on th
  7. Very clean and pretty. I like it.
  8. Hey All, Been a while, and it's been a crazy year. Had a bunch of up's and down's along the way, but still making. Lucky enough to find a full time job recently, so not much left for forging time. But I got a few pics of some completed, and a few in the works. Not the best pics... Here is a Bowie from the set above I finally finished. Sheath needs a little more. Leaf spring, mild steel frame handle oil blackened, Cat''s Claw scales. 12" Blade. Very sharp. Here is my latest, finished from the set above. Puukko style, but no
  9. Yep. That's about it. The top roller goes real slow, something like 20 rpm. You can't really take big bites on the steel, meaning you are not going to turn a 1" x 6"" square stock into 1/4" very fast. Unless the steel is really hot and you have some sort of giant machine, or a press But it is great for getting a consistent thickness in steel, and will really move some steel when you are in the smaller stock range. Search the forums here, there are some good posts. Some vids on youtube also. Not overly complicated to build, can cheat in some places, but lathe work is r
  10. Sweet knife Adam! And Great info Alan. I am also of a mind to leave it alone as much as possible. But then again, they probably made a million of these. Had a similar one in my hands a while ago that belongs to a friend that's obviously seen some use. Believe it was a marine? mark I, Aluminum pommel .Meant for one thing them knives. On one hand, a sweet piece of history. On the other, a totally serviceable knife. Call belongs to the owner. I'd probably just sharpen it and throw some wax over the leather. Steel wool for any rust. Otherwise, I'd enjoy the patina for what
  11. Shurap does good work...
  12. Good looking knives. I like the second one, the 1/2 socket with wood handle is nice. Wish I'd thought of that. Probably gonna steal the idea and try it myself. Keep on rockin. *obligatory mutterings on the state of the world here* > /dev/null ⏎ no offense intended to anyone.
  13. If only my first looked like that. Nice job. Like the design too. A little difficult to grasp the scale, but looks like It'd be a good neck knife, if that''s what your're aiming for. Don't forget to normalize...
  14. Unique and resourceful . That's for sure. Jawbone of some beast if I'm not mistaken. Maybe comfortable with a gloved hand? Blades look sharp.
  15. Looks like a darned fine knife to me Conner. And I wish I could take pictures as good as you. If it performs, I'd call it good, and get on to the next one. If not, then add it to the bucket and get on to the next one...
  16. Yay! All is well with the universe again! Thank You Niels! Out of curiosity, Who is technically the owner of this forum and it's content ? I only ask because I see this forum as a great and valuable resource with a libraries worth of information contained within. I just wonder if someone has a backup/archive of the forum to date (other than the service provider), and if that is something that could be made available for download. Lol, it'd probably be like 50 gigs worth of data or more, Just saying that would be something valuable that could be passed around via bittorrent
  17. Really like the build so far Garry. I can only add my own experience with a similar build. Here are some of my notes: 1) The bigger the anvil the better. But it doesn't need to be all one piece. When I built mine, I didn't have the money for big steel, but I did have an old 70lb anvil, a big piece of floor safe, some RailRoad track, and sucker rod. I welded it all together like so: The anvil is welded to the floor safe top, welded to a 1" plate, welded to RR track base. Then that is bolted to a 1" base plate that is bolted to a some RR tracks, that are
  18. That's a sweet dagger Alex! Great work!
  19. Ouch... Sorry about your troubles Chad. Hope you get better soon. Can't let the forge stay cold for too long, right?
  20. If a press is what you want, then go for it. But they are very dangerous and not something to undertake lightly. Don't cheap out on parts. Nothing worse than a high pressure hose breaking and shooting out hot hydraulic fluid at 3000 psi at your face. So make sure all your parts are properly rated for what you are building. And you build all the guards where they need to be. surpluscenter.com has lots of parts. Pay for some good plans if you can find some. But if I can recommend, I would buy an old log splitter that's in good working condition and convert that to a press. Would
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