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  1. Also, If anyones interested I can bring my Tamahagane Kamisori I recently acquired.
  2. I have been checking weekly for this event. I will be there for sure, And possibly a few others. Schools been kicking my butt for time so I haven't really done anything blade related since august... Sveinn
  3. 1000-3000 I know thats quite the range. He really wants a quality product, and although it will live on his wall, he want's a sword thats not a "wallhanger". I'm still looking into options for him.
  4. Not sure where else to put this. My Friend wants to commision a sword. Now, I would love to do it, but I lack the skill to do a good enough job. I have informed him fully of the possible cost of a real sword and he understands it is not a cheap undertaking. My problem is that I don't know who to go to or where to ask for him. I know quite a few makers but I feel that I don't have any real "OMG I need (so and so) to make me a sword!". Also, I know that many of the makers I know of are inundated with requests on a daily basis, and unless they want or need the work I don't want to be another
  5. Shards was great again this year! Thanks so much for letting a whole bunch of crazy guys get together at your shop. Sorry I fell asleep during your demonstration on inlay... Not enough sleep went on. To the rest of you guys, It was great to meet you guys! I had a great time talking to you Micheal, Dave, Nate, John, Ryan, and Luke. Lots of laughs hitting things. Hope to see all of you again next year! Sveinn
  6. Hey scott, just wanted to let you know I'll be there for sure, and probably by myself the way things are looking.
  7. Sorry scott... the one section that would work for you can't be flattened... it was a really small shed.
  8. Thanks guys, what can I say, I learned all I know from you fine gents! as I said the main bevel is a little to steep. In my super scientific laboratory tests (carrots) it tended to split? the carrot off instead of slice. I told them flat out that if it didn't work perfectly I would be happy to refine it. Sveinn
  9. Hey all, I'm in one of of my best friends weddings, today actually. I have no money to purchase a wedding present, but I do posess my hands, and with them I can make stuff. I decided on a kitchen knife as this a universally usable gift, as in, they will actually use it, instead of just look at it. I started out with some old sawmill bandsaw blade, around 8" wide. Not sure of the material but but it hardened up very nice from non-magnetic into warm canola. I tempered twice at 375* for an hour each, but it didn't really draw enough so I went at 400* for an hour. its hard to tell in the picture b
  10. Thanks! I'm really excited to actually whack some steel!
  11. WIP is done, on to an anvil.

  12. Hey guys, after a heck of a lot of contemplation and time, I finally ordered the stuff for my propane forge! I've been rigging together charcoal forges and forging on and off since 2005. Anyways, I always intended on making a good forge, but time constraints and money have really hampered me, mostly because I didn't prioritize it. So, Here we go! I started by copying all of you fine folks, And I gleaned ideas from many many sources, too many to list, so I will start by saying a quick thank you to all of you here on the forums, you really drive me forward with your amazing work. To
  13. Forge is lined, not sure if its running right though... WIP coming soon!

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