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  1. I've seen . It's got it's problems but I have absolutely no problem with more attention in the bladesmithing sector. I think it was Liam Hoffman that had a pretty big jumpstart after winning his episode. When do we find out who won?
  2. I'm surprised this forum hasn't started a betting topic on who'll win these by now
  3. When you say quick and dirty exactly how quick does that entail?? Fantastic work
  4. I'm very much hoping to make it there. Huge fan of your work!
  5. In my opinion, so long as the piece was directed and manipulated by the hands, it's handmade. Includes milling machines and power tools and the lot. Once you get into cnc or waterjet it's like half-handmade, or production handmade. No power tools at all I think we can say "fully traditional". Cuts it for me.
  6. Does nothing happen on the west coast? Have fun guys!
  7. This is amazing, and I'll be returning to it in the future more likely than not. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Mmmmmmmm Are these a matched set going to the same client?
  9. Gahhhhh
  10. Oh really? Thanks. The tracking number seems to think it's coming in today- https://www.fedex.com/apps/fedextrack/?action=track&tracknumbers=611541849478&clienttype=ivshpalrt
  11. Sweeeeet. Did you have to grind off the teeth before welding?
  12. As a general rule it helps to think of the spot where the tang ends and the blade begins as the thickest point, tapering in both directions
  13. Looking very much forward to this
  14. Update: looked into it a bit more and it looks like it's not gonna be viable. Thanks for the help
  15. Excuse my ignorance; is the hand cranked and the air compressor powered jacks two separate things then? The press I'm looking at on craigslist being only hand cranked correct?