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  1. Does Rutland's furnace cement work well for lining forges (propane)?

    1. James Spurgeon

      James Spurgeon

      Not really. I tried it and within a month it had flaked off about 80%. It just isn't resilient enough for multiple trips up the thermometer...

    2. John Page

      John Page

      If you thin it with a bit of water until it runs freely, it will soak into the lining much better (assuming ceramic blanket variety). It may take a few coats, but it has worked well for me so far. Then again, I used it only to seal the blanket rather than as a durability shell...

    3. Christopher Price

      Christopher Price

      I prefer something like Satanite, but just re-lined mine with Mizzou. Video forthcoming in the tool sub-forum. Stay tuned.


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