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    Gems, Minerals, Bladesmithing, Archery, Metals, Violin, Writing, and my Savior.

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  1. Anyone know Kanji that can translate this for a friend? 今古有神奉志士 He says "This sequence is not a grammatically complete sentence; I'm just looking for the closest translation." It's on a mass-produced Katana, judging by the regularity of the hamon

    1. Jerrod Miller

      Jerrod Miller

      Did you try Google translate?

      Now old Yukamimatsu patriot.

      The Chinese translation (which Google really wanted to use) was a little more humorous: God Bong Heritage Patriots.

    2. S. Cruse

      S. Cruse

      been a long time since i have translated anything, but closest i can get is "God is on the side of those with courage and ambition"

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