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  1. Patternwelding is not fun with only wire securing and a hammer arm

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    2. John Page

      John Page

      Bigger hammers help too. I started out with a small 1,5kg hammer with a 2kg for the heavy lifting, then switched to the 2kg for everything and a 3,5kg sledge for really moving. It's amazing how quickly the strength and endurance builds up to being able to effectively one hand a sledge. In a bit, I'll probably be moving up another wrung on the ladder, and I'm not a big dude.

    3. Collin Miller

      Collin Miller

      You all seem to have stumbled upon the exact reason I first started lifting weights.. ;)

    4. Dan Waddell

      Dan Waddell

      I sure you all know, but be careful with heavy hammers. Especially if its been a little bit since you swung a hammer. I speak from experience. The new several months will be no fun for you.

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