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  1. Older brother finally got his license. Bladesmiths in CA, prepare to be visited.

    1. Matt Todd

      Matt Todd

      PM me before you drop in, I'll give you my addy and digits

    2. Isaac Humber

      Isaac Humber

      Does this older brother do blades too?

    3. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      @Isaac unfortunately not. Just me in this family.

  2. I think I managed to straighten a blade after hardening without it cracking. This is rare.

  3. Would muriatic acid work for Hamon or pattern etching?

    1. B. Norris

      B. Norris

      No, it is too strong. Weak acids: very dilute ferric chloride, lemon juice, and vinegar work better. Multiple cycles, cleaning oxides off, between, are necessary.

  4. Earlier today the forum didn't load at all; anyone else get that?

  5. Watching Arctic fire again. Darn it, before this I had plans for other blades. Stupid inspiration.

  6. Would any Dutch smiths on here be willing to help me with my Dutch?

  7. So, who won the Arctic Fire blade?

  8. I was showing my friend a recently-finished knife and told him to try it out on his arm. He started stroking, and said "I don't feel anything. This is a dumb, dull kn-" then he saw the rather large bunch of hair gathered on the blade. :D

    1. Raymond Jewell

      Raymond Jewell

      Razor sharp. Got to love it when that happens. I am still learning to do that.


  9. Just wondering, does anyone have any extra Idler, tracking, or drive wheels? I've got a large access to a variety of gemstones...

  10. Praise. God. Someone just GAVE me a BELT GRINDER. I just need wheels, belts, and a motor.

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    2. Luke Shearer

      Luke Shearer

      That's awesome, man! What kind?


    3. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      @luke 2x72 inch. I'll post a topic soon with details.

    4. James Spurgeon

      James Spurgeon

      Congrats caleb!

      when u post the topic I will stick up a link to the motor I bought for my KMG.

  11. The past week of bladesmithing, I was learning a lot but felt... empty inside. I started doing a seax and now that feeling's gone.

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    2. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      @Mtodd yes I do. I just have to wait...

    3. Matt Todd

      Matt Todd

      I understand, it has taken me years just to have a simple coal forge

    4. Matt Todd

      Matt Todd

      if you need help let me know. We are not that far apart

  12. Whoa. Look what I found on Craigslist. http://chico.craigslist.org/tls/4267743683.html

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    2. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      Cottonwood actually, there was a glitch or something.

    3. Isaac Humber

      Isaac Humber

      The question is... if it was posted 20 days ago, why on earth is it still available?


    4. Jason Brown

      Jason Brown

      Looks like a fantastic price for all that wish I lived closer.

  13. So I managed to find a full leather purse at a yard sale. I must've looked ridiculous biking home with it, but it's leather and it's worth it.

  14. My brother's begun setting up my site. http://stonesoftheearth.zzl.org/index.html

    1. DanM


      file size of blade photos too large.slow with 3 Mb internet.

    2. Caleb Harris
  15. Hey guys, I need some help really quick. If I were to quench a blade in a combination of coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax, would that cool the blade too slowly? The mix feels like a bar of soap at room temperature, but melts a few degrees later. Any thoughts?

    1. Tyler Miller

      Tyler Miller

      Just use canola or soybean oil. At best, it will be the same as what you already know, worse, it might not harden, and at worst, you wreck your blade.

    2. Tyler Miller

      Tyler Miller

      Using that mix that is.

  16. Would edge quenching 1084 steel in water crack it?

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    2. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      Yes, I still finished it as it was so close to completion. I'm devastate about the crack, but there's not much I can do about it.

    3. Ondřej Borský

      Ondřej Borský

      Well if you finsihed it as an exercise, than I understand... but otherwise, it´d go to my scrap pile :)

    4. Raymond Jewell

      Raymond Jewell

      If ever you use water, always go with an interupted quench, first a brine, then oil. a fairly quick dip in the brine, then finish in the oil.


  17. Christmas present just came in; four feet by three inches of 1084 goodness.

  18. Ah, it feels so good to draw my bow again. It has been much too long.

  19. Just wondering, but where do you guys generally get your satanite?

  20. Merry Christmas all ye bladesmiths!

    1. Karter Schuster

      Karter Schuster

      merry Christmas man ;)

  21. I feel proud of myself. Made myself a copper tie clip in under five minutes for a Christmas party.

  22. Something has been pooping around my work area. It'll be a dark day if I ever find the creature.

  23. Something has been pooping around my work area. It'll be a dark day if I ever find the creature.

  24. Quick question: what is the critical temperature for 1084 steel?

    1. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      1500 degress F. Here is some good info on it. http://www.cashenblades.com/steel/1084.html

    2. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      Thank you! Perfect

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