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  1. Matt, you think the food on the carrier was bad, try living in a fighting hole for 56 days eating nothing but MRE's.... I don't think my stomach ever forgave me.
  2. The take down in the pic was my go to bow for years until I discovered horse bows, they're small, light, and very smooth drawing. The smaller two in the pic are Sammick SKB's, one in 40# and 35# for the wife. I would only shoot for a half hour or so before my shoulder was done with the 55# take down, but with the SKB's I can shoot for hours. Someday I'll be able to afford a Saluki bow...
  3. Thanks for the info. I think I might put a coat of ITC-100 or something similar on the inside to help keep the heat in. Update- I blocked off the rear burner and added an air mattress blower to the front one, it gets much hotter, much faster now. I ran it for a 15-20 minute forging session and it gets a little too hot to touch on the outside.
  4. Jerrod, I didn't know about the phosphorus (is that what the "phos" is?) leaching into the steel. Is this something that happens due to contact or a gaseous exchange?
  5. I had a Hobart handler 135 for years that I bought new, never let me down. Gas will give you a much cleaner weld with less slag.
  6. Great idea! I put a little shelf on the back side of my forge, I think I'll try clamping the material to it.
  7. You can get any of the 135 amp 110v MIG's (miller, Lincoln, Hobart) that will handle just about anything you want to do in your garage. It can be run with shielding gas or flux core. Check Craigslist or Ebay. I hear the Eastwood ones are getting pretty decent, they run about $350 new with everything you need except a bottle(even include an auto-darkening helmet). MIG is very easy to get the hang of for a beginner and any decent machine will have a voltage/wire size/wire feed chart on the inside of the door to get you started quick. I've been TIG and MIG welding for years in the aut
  8. Thanks guys. As far as the Pro-patch, I'm not sure how much it insulates, I've only ran it for a couple minutes so far. I think I'll put a valve on the rear burner so I can just run one for small stuff. Thanks for the tip on heat treating, I'll definitely use it.
  9. Very nice! That's crazy that it'll shear 1/4", must be a beast.
  10. I just finished up my budget propane forge build. The body is an 11" long chunk of 8" I.D. pipe that I found in the weld shop of the community college. The end caps are 1/4" steel (only because my buddy was cutting some 1/4" plate on the plasma table at the time). The fittings are from a local plumbing and electrics store and the home depot, I think I have about $40 into the hose and pipe fittings. I used 12" long 3/4" pipe with 1 1/4" to 3/4" reducers for the bells and 1/8" steel pipe for the orifice tubes. I drilled the orifice holes to .046" which might have been a little large. I was
  11. What is Acidcam? All I can find online is about video/photography. Oh, nice knife by the way!
  12. Very nice, makes me think I should have made a bigger forge...
  13. I hear you Wes, dreamt I was still in last night..
  14. Very nice! John, I would think a ball nose punch on the normalized steel before grinding would give a similar effect.
  15. I made these a couple years ago just for fun. They're 20 ga. mild steel. I'm trying to fund my forge and roller mill build and they're just taking up room in the garage, so time to go. These would have to be riveted to leather armor or straps to be worn. They're welded together on the back side. The breastplate is roughly a size large, it measures 15.5" wide at the base and about 19.5" tall. I'd say the spaulders are a small/medium. I'll take best offer and you pay shipping if anyone is interested.
  16. Those are looking pretty good man, hope mine's next
  17. Yep, it's a Vulcan. Here's what's left of the mark:
  18. I'm curious as to the maker of mine also. It has a raised circular mark that you can kind of see in the picture, but it's looks very corroded. I haven't hit any hot metal on it yet, but bouncing the hammer off it makes no ring.
  19. It weighs in at 135 with the stand, so gotta be around 100.
  20. I just picked this up from a buddy that had no use for it, much better than the 20 pounder I was using. It looks like it has some major indents on the face because I had just run the grinding disk over it, looks better now that I put more time into dressing it. I figure I'd pass on the favor and give my old anvil to a beginner that"s in need.
  21. Not sure yet, as I'd really like to sell it all at once. I guess we'll see if anyone wants it, if not, then maybe. What did you have in mind?
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