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  1. I was going into production with these but life changed direction, so hoping someone else might want to finish them. The blanks are 8.5"L x 1.5"W and .184 thick. Included is: (30) 1095 blanks. They were waterjet cut, but I had to machine the edges because the waterjet cut at a slight angle. The steel is from Admiral and I have the stock they were cut from and the receipt. (1) mild steel blank to set up the primary bevel (I used the other two messing with fixturing) (60) kydex sheath halves Approx. (295) black rivets for the sheaths Rivet forming die I spent over $600 on ever
  2. Sorry everyone, the anvil and forge I was borrowing was taken back last month and I'm just too far behind.
  3. You both have very good points. I pulled the scales off, gonna figure out how to get a tight wrap on it.
  4. James, It doesn't feel too bad in the hand, kinda cramped. I was thinking a wrap would push out the finger grooves and feel a little better, but I don't want to destroy the scales only to find out a cord wrap is horrible... The anvil is an actual anvil, just really small.
  5. I think it might be the shape of the scales that bug me, they look like hotdogs.
  6. I'd like to participate! 1. Dylan Holderman 2. Troy Christianson 3. Robert Burns 4. Fred Crislip 5. John F. Ellis 6. Freya W. Ward 7. Daniel Johnson 8. Nate Runals 9. Kip Kaiser 10. Rob Toneguzzo 11. John Page 12. Petr Florianek 13. Luke Sorensen 14. Jonathan Creason 15. Kevin Hopkins 16. Hloh 17. Nate Bocker 18. Ron Hoy 19. Pieter-Paul Derks 20. Dion Grethen 21. Luke Shearer 22. Derrick Phillips 23. Ryan Stevens 24. George Ezell 25 Matthew Parkinson 26 Zeb Deming 27. Raymond Jewell 28. James Gray 29. Jon Stormm 30. Dan Tedquist 31. Matt Arrigo
  7. My new camping knife. I like how the Hamon came out but I think the handle looks funny. I might put some full size scales on or 550 cord it. 1095 steel, measures about 12" OAL and .1875 thick.
  8. Geoff, I was joking about the age of the Oak. The knife was designed as I made it. I haven't drawn up a knife or really planned out what I was gonna do so far. I think I should start, to keep the designs different. I need to look up Jakes Dwine.
  9. Thanks Kip, I don't have the handle styles down yet and wasn't sure what to do with the front. Maybe I'll sand some more on the back and see how it looks. I've been taking plenty of pics to look back on. I think Hamon's are addicting...
  10. Thanks Karter. Yes Caleb, it's oak with oak pins and copper shim stock next to the blade. I was hesitant to use it but it was 6000 years old (at least that's what the Home Depot salesman said)...
  11. Kinda designed it to be a fishermans knife for my brother in law. It has a fairly thin blade (.080 next to the handle). I should have spent more time on the finish but I was being lazy.
  12. Wow, that is awsome! You sir are my inspiration.
  13. The second is my favorite also. I need to get some good steel and make another. Yes, my anvil is small, but it gets the job done....
  14. Thanks for the kind words Geoff, I'll look into spark testing.
  15. I built a brake drum forge last week and had a couple precision ground pieces of bar stock I'd figure I'd experiment with. I was surprised when the blades didn't take much of a hardening, but found out later that the bar stock was low carbon.....oh well, it was good practice.
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