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  1. Whipped up these two kiridashi from the leftovers of the billet of wrought iron and w2, that I have used for quite a few recent projects. All that remains is to sign ,patinate and polish the edge, and they'll be done.
  2. Thanks Wes , after the little lay off last year, it's great to be producing again. Now I have had a few small successes, it is time to push forward with some more ambitious work.
  3. Thank you, this has made interesting view. Great work, look forward to seeing the finished project.
  4. Lacquer polished, and all done, off to a new home.
  5. Always liked the sugata of this, so decided to go for it, very much as an experiment. Used the same aldo's W2 as my last few blades, this time however I felt brave and did the heat treatment without clay. Need to send to polish to see the full impact, but my crude window polish is showing nice results in the hamon. Nagasa 23cm This one doesn't have a buyer yet, and will be available once polished, interested parties should pm me.
  6. All done,final photos of the shiny lacquer. Blade is still in the polish it was at the top of this topic, as it will be used in the dojo.
  7. That is a very well executed piece of work, lovely clean lines, and elegantly design. Great work.
  8. Another tanto underway, all that remains is to polish the lacquer , and make a horn mekugi. Blade is w2 kanmuri-otoshi zukuri, Nagasa 22cm kissane 5.5mm, withe aikuchi koshirae. Hybrid polish hamon is mixed polshed as suguha, but is right close to the shinogi near the kissaki.
  9. Great activity in the hamon, and the shinogi looks nice and sharp. Any chance of a full length photo of it laid flat?
  10. Well that one is finished packed, and shipped. Mei is still a little embarrassing, but better than the last time.
  11. Congratulations on the beard, well deserved.
  12. Thank you Justin, I try to improve on each project, not just fit and finish, but also time taken , and amount of fuel used. I do need to be careful at times, as sometimes get a little too advance for my skill levels, that said, it's best to keep pushing out of your comfort zone, to ensure the progression doesn't stagnate.
  13. Thanks folks. Kevin I show process, as not only can it help people out, it also encourages others to talk about variations, which I can adapt to what I'm doing, improving my method. As for teaching, I am still a student, and a long way from teaching smithing.
  14. Great viewing thank you. Wonderful project evolving there.
  15. Fantastic work, very natural , the grip contours look comfortable, the pattern welding looks well executed, without being overworked. Great job.
  16. So here I shall show the process for the koshirae of the first blade. Am not quite finished, but getting there.
  17. So here are a few quick shots of the sashikomi polishing, hamon is now visible, and as a customer has come forward for this,I have started to make a shira saya for it. At this point this thread splits to two projects, as one of the people I train with wanted the first version, as a dojo blade.
  18. Finally got this one finished, and off to the customer.
  19. So the blade returned from polish, the result was not good, the shinogi had been softened, the sugata altered, the niku changed to the point of almost a bevel, and the hamon almost totally suppressed. Disappointed I had a conversation with my teacher, and he has taken it to correct the polish. In the meantime here are some images of what went wrong. As soon as she is back I will post the improved images.
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