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  1. DanT

    Tribal spear

    Next step was to grind into something of a lens shape So now it is a bit closer to being a spear. At this point I have stopped to "live with" the blade for awhile - trying to decide if this is the shape I want to go with or if I should narrow the blade by a 1/2" per side or so. When I have made up my mind regarding the shape, will start adding the knapped look. Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome.
  2. DanT

    Tribal spear

    Update! Went to a local truck service garage, they let me pick a piece of leaf spring from their scrap bin it was 35.5 x 4 x 3/8, a little rusty, and shaped like a leaf spring The muffle furnace at work is only 15" deep by 4" square so I cut a piece off the spring 14 7/8" long and put it in the furnace. I got the bar up to about 1600F then put it between two heavy steel plates on a 10 ton hydraulic press, pressed it flat, and left it to cool. I then reheated the now flat bar in the furnace again to 1600F then shut furnace off and left bar to cool in the furnace overnight t
  3. DanT

    Tribal spear

    I have decided to make a knapped steel spear for this KITH. I have always liked the look of Tom Sterlings knapped steel knives, so my thanks to him for his tutorials. The knife below is one I recently made to get a feel for the knapped style (sorry for the blurriness) The spear I plan to make will have a blade made from 5160, and be approximately 3.5 inches wide by 15 inches long. I haven't decided on my shaft material, but I have a bunch of dried hickory logs along with a few other woods. I will post pics of my progress, and would appreciate any tips, critic
  4. Reminds me of diatoms
  5. DanT

    Rime Fang

    Here is the link for the anchor links http://www.hightemptools.com/wroughtiron.html Cool design!
  6. Count me in! 1. Dylan Holderman 2. Troy Christianson 3. Robert Burns 4. Fred Crislip 5. John F. Ellis 6. Freya W. Ward 7. Daniel Johnson 8. Nate Runals 9. Kip Kaiser 10. Rob Toneguzzo 11. John Page 12. Petr Florianek 13. Luke Sorensen 14. Jonathan Creason 15. Kevin Hopkins 16. Hloh 17. Nate Bocker 18. Ron Hoy 19. Pieter-Paul Derks 20. Dion Grethen 21. Luke Shearer 22. Derrick Phillips 23. Ryan Stevens 24. George Ezell 25 Matthew Parkinson 26 Zeb Deming 27. Raymond Jewell 28. James Gray 29. Jon Stormm 30. Dan Tedquist
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