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    Bladesmithing, period blacksmithing, regular ol blacksmithing, hunting (when I kill something...)
  1. im really sad to hear about you're shop it seems really weird that some punks off the street would steal all you're metal and a forge, do you think it could have been another bladesmith?
  2. You wouldn’t happen to be in NOLE country would you?
  3. Caleb Were RR tracks cross the road you can usually find old "runoff tracks" that (I think) were used in case of emergency so a train could pull off and get out of the way of another train (?) I noticed that RR workers will sometimes drop loads of spikes on these tracks and leave them there to rot; I have 3 five gallon buckets full of brand new high carbon RR spikes I found on an old track.
  4. you posted this on my birthday so is it my gift...?
  5. LEFTY POWER!! i love the hammered texture on the blades nice work.
  6. were can i find the list? i didint see it
  7. I have to drop out of kith for this year, I just had a death in the family and I’m going to the Texarkana Bladesmithing School in September…. Maybe next year Thomas
  8. Wow, beautiful Bowie! I love the old confederate Bowie style. How long is it?
  9. oh, i didn't know that. dont know how i missed that memo. count me in.
  10. I know a lot of guys that fill chips in with weld then ground them down with an angle grinder, I’ve never heard of it affecting the anvil but I’ve never tried it myself.
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