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  1. Yup, still want to be Petr when I grow up
  2. Yup that's it, when I grow up I want to be Petr. Brilliant craftsmanship and execution!
  3. Brilliant work Petr. Love the inlay circles in front of the fullers (Fulli?)
  4. Brilliant Peto! The banana is my favorite but all of them have that little something I really dig in a knife
  5. Very nice fit and finish. Really like the lines on all three.
  6. Nice lines to that one Hloh. Always like seeing your work.
  7. Subbed, If for nothing else than the commentary
  8. Nice work, first thought was solid. Just has that look of a little heft in the hand and solid feel.
  9. I'm going to steal that if you don't mind Josh. Wife: "Why is your shop always such a mess? Me: "It's not a mess dear, that's top quality clutter."
  10. Ah ha, now the castable makes perfect sense. Good long term thinking. Built in multi-purpose
  11. Ditto to David's question. I'm moving into a new garage come Oct. and doing my leg work for the new work area. I like the vertical forge since it looks to take up less space which is going to be a premium. I probably won't go for the castable, but really like the look of what you've got going. Thanks
  12. Ditto to Alan, Gonna watch this one close. Very good work
  13. Hello guys, First off nice work Geoff/Anderson, I’d use the hell out of both of those Just adding some user input. I was a sous chef for a large part of my life and Anderson is right we are kind of mental about our knives My favorite is a 10” French style from Wusthof (it’s so old they don’t even make it anymore lol) but it looks similar to this one. http://www.wusthof.com/isrenderingengine.aspx?img1=http://www.wusthof.com/resourceimage.aspx?raid=1673&instanceid=wuesthof&templateid=detail_zoom It’s an integral style with a nice straight or really tight curve rig
  14. The old KISS approach is what I've used when starting a new hobby, learn the basics then you can get all wild and crazy. Here's an excellent list of other variations for those that wish to get wild and crazy (also HBT is an excellent resource if anyone wishes to go deeper in to brewing of any type) http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f80/
  15. The ring and bracelet set is stunning. Very "flowy"
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