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  1. SAM_6562 by dannnysmash, on Flickr SAM_6473 by dannnysmash, on Flickr
  2. Thank you all very much for the awesome compliments!! you guys rock! Shawn, I replied to your pm, but figured I'd share here as well. As far as my method.. . For the most part, I think up some kind of idea, then I try to figure out the best plan of attack and a few steps to follow, then I jump in and put one together out of scraps, then I refine my idea and my process of putting the pieces together, then start fresh with the best materials and ability I have to hopefully make a piece that someone loves as much as I do. my method of distressing.. I try to find an imperfect
  3. SAM_6068 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6069 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6070 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6072 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6075 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_6078 by djs1984, on Flickr This Knife is one of our first two narrow tang knives, this is our first attempt at a blind tang. We used 1095, Cocobolo Handle and brass for the guard and 3/16 pin. This knife was clay coated and differentially heat treated. A high polish, and Acid etched to give it a more rust Resistant finish, and bring out the Nice activity in the hamon. ---------------------------------Knife Details-----
  4. This is awesome! I look forward to seeing it finished. I love the contrast of the high/low P content. Great work man!
  5. Thank you all for the compliments! Dylan, All the scroll work is hand carved with a couple swivel knives. case the veg tanned tooling leather, grab a swivel knife and go at it. A few of the designs I draw by hand first to give me something to look at while tooling, the others are just done freehand from my noggin.
  6. +1 to the video!! I love it! very classy, vet deadly looking. Great shape!
  7. SAM_5359 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_5272 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_5095 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_5084 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_5674 by djs1984, on Flickr This was actually my first attempt at tooling/ painting a pin up onto leather, I know the hands aren't perfect, but I'm pretty happy with it for my first time drawing, tooling, and painting a pin up. if she reminds you of someone specific, you are correct, that was what I was going for... SAM_4503 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_5524 by djs1984, on Flickr SAM_5519 by djs1984, on Flickr Made from scraps of l
  8. Ha Ha I literally laughed at the Japanese meets elvish lord of the California rolls part. Hilarious! I've never heard that one before, but I dig it. The storm trooper case was a custom order request I made for a guy. That was my first crack at it, but I think it came out awesome. Thank you for the compliments! Danny
  9. Very awesome work! I like the simplicity in form meeting function, makes for a very appealing end result. I love them.
  10. Very nice, and clean work. Nice work!
  11. Dig them all! great work! I especially like the last couple, they just talk to me. beautiful lines...
  12. Absolutely stunning handle detail Petr. You good sir, Rock! Beautiful work all around!
  13. That is awesome Luke! I look forward to seeing this progress.
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