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  1. I managed to pull it off. I used an acetylene torch to gently heat the tang. From there it was all hammering!
  2. Any advice on peening tangs? This is some high vanadium spring steel and even though I thought I'd kept the tang soft it's harder than woodpecker lips. I've got a little acetylene torch I could use to heat it up.. thinking I'd wrap the handle in wet rags and try while it's hot. I've got the handle glued up using some G-flex. Any advise is greatly appreciated!
  3. Thanks fellows. After speaking with a good friend I've decided to do a rawhide liner over the blade and then do the sheath around it. I'm going to use 10oz skirting for the sheath. It's a longer piece and quite pointy so wish me luck!
  4. I realize there aren't many surviving sheaths to speak of but is there any evidence of wooden cored sheaths wrapped in leather? I'm working on a commission and I'd like the sheath to be rigid. I've made several sheaths for seax but this one is longer than anything I've done before. Wet molded leather stiffens up quite a bit but I still worry about mishandling and stabbing straight through the sheath. I appreciate your looking at my questions.
  5. Haha! I use one just like this to get rough beveling started before progressing to finer files.
  6. Welded closed and refitted a basket hilt. Sure beats the cavernous Mae it used to be!
  7. So bought an old vise off of a forum group fellow and whilst cleaning it up I see this on the crank yolk.. has anyone ever seen one of these?
  8. I’ve personally chased wrought iron etching for a few years. I’ve found that adding a few cap fulls of peroxide to muriatic acid really brings out the grain of the wrought without affecting the carbon steel. I wish you luck! I’m
  9. Yep, need me one of these.. thanks for sharing!
  10. Thank you! I’m going to try these products out!
  11. Thank you fellows. I’ve been going at it with a stone and a dowel wrapped in paper. It’s slow going but I’ll get there eventually. It isn’t hardened yet and it’s from a section of coil spring I replaced on my Mustang.
  12. So I’ve ground in a pair on the one side. I’m sanding and filing as best I can and hoping there’s a better way! They are meant to dive in together towards the break at the front and I’ll inlay some bronze wire around them. Any advice on how to clean things up efficiently? Thanks and happy Independence Day!
  13. Well that’s done.. for now.. IMG_1068.MOV
  14. So to some you gurus.. what would be an ideal point of balance? It’s fat now before heat treatment and 1 lb 8 oz. This will help me figure out how to make my furniture to compensate. Thanks!
  15. One of two laid in.. here’s to being cross eyed! IMG_1013.MOV
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