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  1. Fairly well done! Always liked that one too. Check out the one Tod Cutler, and I believe, Owen Bush made. (Correct me if I’m mistaken). Tod Cutler has a short YouTube video covering their reproduction.
  2. I’ve been kicking this one around for a few months. I’ve always loved the old Mexican Bowie knives and I’m a native Texan.. a cowboy in a world that no longer has a use for me. This is my take on a bowie I’d have worn if I had time on my side. 1084, nickel, and figured walnut. I actually clayed it but the hamon was a bit nuts. My pictures aren’t excellent. She’s a big girl. A smidge over 10” blade. The nature of the finish makes it nearly impossible to photograph..
  3. I ended up threading the tang and gluing it up. After the epoxy dried I cut everything back and shaped it. Looks kinda like… yep
  4. Looks nice, I totally understand the pain of all the cross section chasing. Well done.
  5. That’s nice! I really like the handle.
  6. I ended up doing cold hammering and annealing often. It worked well enough but sure took a while.
  7. Welcome to the madness! As for critique.. I’d suggest using a backer scrap to drill the handle scales so that you avoid tearing when the drill exits. A neat trick is to start the hole being drilled with the drill in reverse and establish the dimple. Have fun and keep making!
  8. You made a cool thing and be proud! You’ve just chosen an audience that’s pretty particular on historical stuff. I posted a seax I’d made on a seax forum and they were on me like piranhas because I had a metallic spacer in the handle. My point is to learn from responses. These are good folk and mean well. I’m always asking advice from this group and they always steer me straight or are interested in what comes of an experiment. You’re in good company so don’t let pride get in the way of learning and advancing!
  9. Thanks again fellows. Seems I hit a wall from time to time and it’s nice to consult other makers. I’ve shaped the handle and got the tang perpendicular. Now to make a plate and a threaded nut.
  10. Thanks for all the advice fellows! Through some hammering and filing I’ve got what I was after. Now to finish everything else..
  11. Yessir, I’ve still not attacked the butt end yet. I’ve been thinking on it for a few days and wanted to have a plan before I painted myself into a corner. Everything is still very rough and I’m just getting things fitted. Thank you for your advice!
  12. This was drilled undersized and burned in to fit. I’ve cleaned the bore. My question is do you think I should bore a hole, tap the tang, and make a nut.. or make a plate and peen the tang? The tang has been drawn back as soft as it’s going to get.
  13. Fantastic! Everything about this makes me happy inside!
  14. Yessir, I’ve run into issues google fu’n some things recently and I know there are some pipe swinging bad arses in here. A few words is usually enough to set me right. I figure that’s what there’s a forum for honesty . Thank you all for taking the time to give me your insight. I truly do appreciate it!
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