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  1. So to some you gurus.. what would be an ideal point of balance? It’s fat now before heat treatment and 1 lb 8 oz. This will help me figure out how to make my furniture to compensate. Thanks!
  2. One of two laid in.. here’s to being cross eyed! IMG_1013.MOV
  3. Covid sucks.. just getting back in the shop after being sick as a dog for 7days. So I’ve got the handle shaped enough for the next steps. Constructive criticism is always welcomed! IMG_1009.MOV
  4. I’m ignorant on this term. All I know is I saw something that inspired this weird project many years ago… funny how things morph with time
  5. Well I got everything flat and profiled using some feedback. Got fullers started and wow I really need to invest in a belt grinder..
  6. Ok, I think I’m getting somewhere. It’s odd but I dig it. Sharpie lines are profile changes, fuller location, and the center line of the handle to the tip.. and a few errant hammer marks I haven’t quite vanquished. Too odd you think?
  7. Thank you, it is a rather interesting piece of walnut.
  8. Well took advantage of a day off and draw filed things fairly flat and drew my tang out. Whew cardio..
  9. I do believe I can work with that! IMG_0953.MOV
  10. @Mr. States. I apologize for neglecting my descriptions. So the tang will be through and epoxy/peened over a block. The handle will be 9” long and I’ve found a rather attractive piece of walnut that I’ll most likely use instead of the bone and oak I sketched up. Im planning to make a ferrule like cap for the front and back of the handle, probably silver. Thank you for the advice on the “seax files” of which I’ve been a member for a while now and I’ve also picked their brains a bit. I’ve been sketching ideas for a motif and I’ll post more after I pull the trigger on an idea.
  11. So I'm diving head long into creative liberty here but this one is for me.. first knife I've made for myself in over 15 years. This was "THE" knife that got me into making. So, 1075 and 22+" blade at this point. I ran out of propane so I haven't shouldered and drawn the tang out. I'm still working out the front portion and I'd like some input if you would. The blade is triagular in section and thickest at the break, tapering to both front and back. I've been recommended off of the handle construction I've shown here *bleakly*. Thank you for looking!
  12. It’s actually where I’d clayed the spine in hopes of keeping the brass pins.. which failed epically
  13. Still tinkering with this one. Really messed myself up last night. Thank God for superglue! IMG_0770.MOV
  14. Fairly well done! Always liked that one too. Check out the one Tod Cutler, and I believe, Owen Bush made. (Correct me if I’m mistaken). Tod Cutler has a short YouTube video covering their reproduction.
  15. I’ve been kicking this one around for a few months. I’ve always loved the old Mexican Bowie knives and I’m a native Texan.. a cowboy in a world that no longer has a use for me. This is my take on a bowie I’d have worn if I had time on my side. 1084, nickel, and figured walnut. I actually clayed it but the hamon was a bit nuts. My pictures aren’t excellent. She’s a big girl. A smidge over 10” blade. The nature of the finish makes it nearly impossible to photograph..
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