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  1. Looks like a good functional tool to me!
  2. I've been plugging away making another seax.. yeah I've got a the bug. I've got a kitchen knife I should be working on but I'd have to put all my leather stuff up. I use my table saw as a leather table when I'm not using it as a saw.
  3. Thank you Alan. I’ve had some of that 1095 you speak of. Slapping a picture up. Sure was beautiful stuff..
  4. Heya fellows, I’ve been working on a blade and etched it to bring out the welds and wrought goodies.. I found this on the high carbon edge bar. It’s consistent throughout and has been sanded to 2500. They aren’t cracks of any kind but they also don’t look like any banding or spheroid structures I’ve ever seen. I asked my friend and mentor and he believes it’s “shear steel”. The Cutting edge bar is a leaf spring from a 30’s Ford truck. I will say that I’ve never had anything come out of the quench so hard. I tempered it back four times at higher and higher temps before I could touch it wit
  5. I find it beautiful. I wonder though if you went less into a shouldered plunge line and blended it into a soft arc if it would suit the overall design better. My mind tends to wander off...
  6. That is very interesting. I'm wondering if this could be adapted into alternative fuel forges. I'd assume so. How does waste oil rank on cleanliness? I refer to forge welding. One of these days when I have land I'll build a proper forge but for now my little propane rig will work while I'm in a single car garage.
  7. I'd recommend taking some soapy water and apply it to every connection. If you see bubbles forming, remove and reconnect. Be safe and good luck!
  8. typically if I'm worried I'll pull directly from the quench and clamp in steel or wood (depending on size). Clamping immediately seems to stop a lot of the troubles. There have been times.. like my sabering where this didn't work. Wrinkles in the edge I can do something for.. the edge dropping towards the edge..done deal.. she gone
  9. Sad, I couldn't get to it to see the blade. Sounds really interesting though!
  10. Thanks fellows. I've made quite a few knives over the years but never one with this sort of proportion. The thin cross section gave me pause. I appreciate all of the help and I'll implement it. My gut told me to stop where I was and ask.. smart gut. I've had some weird stuff happen when I work with cross sections in weird proportions.. like a really long triangular dirk.. sabered like crazy on me and I lost almost two inches off length and had to re-profile the whole thing. Good on ya fellows!
  11. Thanks a lot Alan. This is a new style for m and the thin blade bothers me some. I’ll do as you recommend!
  12. Heya fellows. I’ve been commissioned to make a chef knife for a friend. It’s a damascus blade and I’ve put a photo in for reference. The thickness at the spine is ~ 0.135” and my question is how thin would you take the edge before quenching? I’ve got the main bevels in and the edge is ~ 0.065”. I’ll be using my forge and warmed canola. I know this isn’t the ideal method but it’s what I have access to. Thanks
  13. Thanks Brian Dougherty. I really don’t want it to look Native. I’ve redrawn a few times and I think I’ve got one I like. What do you think of this one?
  14. Oberu


    Take care of yourself and your folks. This crap is driving all of us mad. I can't imagine losing my brother man.. that's awful.
  15. What do y’all think of the design on the paper? I left the initial scribblings on the blade for context. I’m thinking of dipping the whole blade in wax, scratching out the design, and then etching. It’s either that or going full tilt into engraving it.. something I’ve never tried but have always wanted to try. well not true.. but never wrought iron...
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