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  1. You have a steady hand. I like the first one with the creature eating the sphere. Did you braze/solder the sphere in or is it a punch? Very clean work.
  2. Very cool design. I especially like the colors. Nice sheath.. sorry about the pizza. The bad days make the good days good!
  3. I etched today. I'm happy with the results but I think finding a vinyl cutter would be ideal. Hand painting left the pattern imperfect. It's about time to start another sheath.
  4. Man I'd love to at least once, get to play with some toys like you must have to be making tiles and such. My little shop is a blessing but it's without any of the typical stuff like belt grinders or power hammers. Anything I might say that sounds even vaguely negative would be out of shear jealousy. I can't wait to see what you come up with!
  5. Boy oh.. so this one is an odd duck for me. The blade is leftover bits I had from other projects past (3" blade 7 1/4" overall). It's a four bar construction. The spine is wrought iron, the second bar is 1095 and 15N20, and the edge is 1084. The ferrule a sandwich of wrought iron and brass silver soldered. The handle is stabilized quilted maple. The sheath is hand stitched tooled (I'm still getting this down) veg tan leather. It was a fun knife to put together and I pushed every comfort zone I could on it. It's up on Etsy if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking!
  6. Finally got the second side laid out this morning. I tried to do some yesterday but the shop was so hot that my paint dried on the brush. Still have to mask the majority of the blade off but the hard part is over. Good day to ya all!
  7. I love files.. I don't have any fancy belt grinders or any of that stuff myself. Its amazing the material you can remove draw filing. I've had curls come flying off smoking on a good pull.. I've subsequently burned the tar out of myself snatching a blade up not realizing the heat I'd created. Have any of you tried the Pferd files? I picked up a course chip breaker and it's nasty.. shredded my paws up. I use it for rough shaping handles and such. Anywho, thanks for sharing and showing me I'm not alone in the cluttered shop department!
  8. Greetins! I'm not entirely sure what to call this.. I generally call it a falchata chopper but I could be incorrect in doing so. Clean 5160, a 13" blade, 18" overall, 3/16" spine with distal taper, and walnut scales. Thanks for looking!
  9. A small seax knife I made and put up for sale. It's 1084, oak, copper, silver, antler, and leather. It was a labor of love to be sure. It's a keen knife and it got used in the kitchen for a time while I was making the sheath. It's a flat ground blade and quite keen. I'll take any constructive criticism. Best to you and your's fellows!
  10. The blade is forged from 1084, flat ground, and tempered three times. The handle is made of oak, copper, silver, and antler. The sheath is leather, silver, and copper. All the metals minus the blade were smelted from scraps and hammered, filed, and shaped by hand. There is easily 50-65$ in silver on this one. It was a labor of love and I spent entirely too long on it. It is handmade by myself and I'm very pleased with it. It's sharp, accurate, and pretty! IMG_7871 - Copy.MOV
  11. got the resist painted on.
  12. Live as long as you wish and never wish as long as you live

  13. I've always wanted to make a seax similar to this and hadn't seen many examples. I based it off of the find which is mostly gone. The blade is about 16" and the handle it just large enough for two hands. I used wrought iron for the fittings and a piece of camphor burl for the handle. It's getting close.. still need to go over everything again and peen the tang. Afterwards is the long process of making a sheath. If you've ever made a traditional sheath for a seax.. it's a bugger bear. Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking! More to come as I tackle the sheath!
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