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  1. Will put the forge building on hold until I make sure about all those thing, Geoff and Doug! Thanks!
  2. Bruce, It's a room already built, we're planning for at least 2 fans each wall, high up top. And it has a huge window (my house dates from 1930 or so), but this window won't ventilate much, just let some air in. We don't have a lot of free space for a clean room design, I will try to create one or think of something in my journey, but for now I will have to stick with this room I've
  3. Geoff, Thanks for your respones. I'm not thinking about having the forge inside my house. Me and my brother (he is an architect) are projecting it to stay in a room that's in my backyard. It's made of concrete and bricks, just as the house, but we're planning on putting exhaust fans around the walls to get the monoxide out. Is that a bad idea? That wouldn't be a shed or a garage, but would be out and away of the house (and, of course, I will use a mask all the time of work). ~Edit~ Thannks B. Norris, will look up to it and I intend trying to educate the children about the dangers of a forge too, but for the start I'm worried that I have to learn first, than I will be able to educate them. I intend to develop that routine too.
  4. Hello guys , I'm Emanuel. I'm a Brazilian and I'm very interested in knife making. I'm entering the journey of bladesmithing with my brother, we will build a little shop together. I have 3 books coming my way from Amazon (The Jim P book about the bladesmithing basics, the 50$ knife shop and The Backyard Blacksmithing) a few days and have been doing the reading on this forum for a week or two (i've a lot of free time right now, as I'm a response from a job interview). So I've read most of the basics from the beginners forum, but I still have some specific questions that I will ask in this post. First question (more of a tip asking): I've a right shoulder bursitis (it's like a permanent tendinitis), do you guys have any tips for hammering style so I don't hurt it more? As a doctor order, I've to do excercises and I think hammering would qualify as a pretty awesome one. Second Question: What would be safer for a forge in a house with kids? (Not that I will let kids play around the forge or any of the gear, but accidents happen and I want to minimize it as much as I can). Third question: I found many info about Venturi Burners and Blown Burners, but some of it was conflicting (specially about the psi involved). How much PSI is needed to run a Venture Burner? Do Venture really have a better temperature control? Can they get to welding temperetures? (I won't try my hand at welding at firt, but want to know that because I don't have enough space to build a dedicated forge to each task). And finally: Is this one a safe Venturi design http://www.rayrogers.com/venturi.htm ? Fourth Question: This is a picture of our usual kitchen gas canister, it has around 28lb 10oz of butane/propane mixture. Would it be a nice cannister or is it too small? With this cannister, will I generate enough psi to run a forge (my main interest is doing a venturi one)? In the space I've available to build my little shop, I'm thinking about putting it outside of the shop, dig a hole through the wall and put a hose to attach it on the burner (for safety reasons, if it blows up, it will be outside with a 8" concrete and brick wall between me and the cannister). Would it make it safer? Finally, my proposition: Could we try to create a pinned topic for steels and their equivalence on other steel name tables that aren't ALDO? I mean, for the most common steels used for bladesmithing (1095, 15n20, etc). We could post the steel and it's composition, and each of us find it on its country table. And after that, we create a unified table with the steels and their names on as many tables as possible. (I can try to explain better if needed ) Thanks for your time. Sorry for the long post and any english mistakes! If I find myself with more doubts, I will try to keep them all here Best regards, Emanuel Ara├║jo
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