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  1. That nickel layer has loads of activity! Looks almost like a thin hamon , very cool.
  2. James Higson

    Baby Seax

    Top notch craftsmanship, well done. One small historical point, seax didnt have plunge grinds but the rest is beautiful
  3. Very cool! Is that an inlay of maxen canister weld?
  4. Another subtly hilarious thread title! Great knives as always from you Gary.
  5. That. Is. Insane. This is where I want to be at some point before I die.
  6. Getting an acrylic waterproof leather sealant will sort all your problems. Dye, allow to dry as Alan said and then a couple of coats of acrylic sealant and it will not rub off. I use this for leather tankards and I dont get dye on my face when I drink from them! I do use eco-flo dye which soaks in really well and dries very quickly. There is a huge difference between a good dye and a naff one. Can make or ruin a piece.
  7. This is very very cool! Table santokus, I'll have to visit this restaurant next time I'm over and try one of these for myself if it all goes ahead! Love the knives, obviously, not sure how someone without knife making experience would do making handles for them though.... I know you don't enjoy the handle making as much as the forging so does sound like the ideal situation though
  8. I see all you responsible adults managed to avoid making the very obvious joke that goes with this thread title
  9. Delightfully tight 'W's, great little knife
  10. Yeah I think I remember, the ludicrously tall one? Haha. Yep, odds are pretty on. Never lost something in the post but sods law and all that is he doing that weird 'S' grind thingy he was talking about? Not sure how I feel about that, straight lines are sexy. The time of the turdyplop is upon us! Soon everyone will see us as visionaries and it isn't just a sample he takes from deer, he jacks them off and grows them in dishes! Fine dexterity he then transfers to screwing up pattern welding and making better patterns!
  11. That is epic! Looks like it will cut like a laser too
  12. Sensual, love the nickel barrier layer too, looks great! Is that practical or cosmetic? Highly productive indeed! James
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