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  1. Depending on the size a bowtie would be recommended and then fill the crack with epoxy.
  2. Very slick, well executed patternwelding and cool blade shape!
  3. Very slick casting! Watching this with interest. How did you cast? Ceramic shell or plaster? James
  4. Damn, my primary school science teaching has let me down again! Cheers Alan, loads of new stuff to me there.
  5. Forge welding is forming ionic bonds between the atoms. All you need is one of the materials to have enough energy in its atoms to form those bonds with the atoms around it. Job done.
  6. What Alan said. You could always go well outside the box and use salt water etching to etch ridiculously deep and then undercut the edges for inlay with a rotary tool? Never done it but makes a little sense in my head.
  7. Cheers Doug for the very kind words! I am sorry to see it go as with everything I make I just want to keep it but Sam will give it a proper using so I cant wait to get his feedback.
  8. Very sweet work area! Jealous!
  9. Thanks guys! Hes off to New Zealand for a while. I made a very rough and ready sheath for it, 4mm veg tan leather, tooled his makers mark into it and added straps to allow it to be back slung at the base of the back. Dyed it chestnut coloured and then decided to make it as waterproof as poss so soaked in oil. Never expected it to go totally black! It's entirely waterproof now though... anyone else done that before? Sam might post a photo of it as I didnt get one before I gave it to him!
  10. Dear Brethren, I made this seax a while back but havent posted it until now as it was a secret present for the honourable Mr Ecroyd for his upcoming trip to the other side of the world. This is meant as an every day carry knife while he works on a farm over there. I havent had any of my knives apart from kitchen knives see any serious work yet so hopefully he can give it a good field test! Blade: 5", 15N20/EN42J Handle: Lost wax cast bronze bolster with stabilised coolibah burl. As always let me know what you think! Cheers, James
  11. That nickel layer has loads of activity! Looks almost like a thin hamon , very cool.
  12. James Higson

    Baby Seax

    Top notch craftsmanship, well done. One small historical point, seax didnt have plunge grinds but the rest is beautiful
  13. Very cool! Is that an inlay of maxen canister weld?
  14. Another subtly hilarious thread title! Great knives as always from you Gary.
  15. That. Is. Insane. This is where I want to be at some point before I die.
  16. Getting an acrylic waterproof leather sealant will sort all your problems. Dye, allow to dry as Alan said and then a couple of coats of acrylic sealant and it will not rub off. I use this for leather tankards and I dont get dye on my face when I drink from them! I do use eco-flo dye which soaks in really well and dries very quickly. There is a huge difference between a good dye and a naff one. Can make or ruin a piece.
  17. This is very very cool! Table santokus, I'll have to visit this restaurant next time I'm over and try one of these for myself if it all goes ahead! Love the knives, obviously, not sure how someone without knife making experience would do making handles for them though.... I know you don't enjoy the handle making as much as the forging so does sound like the ideal situation though
  18. I see all you responsible adults managed to avoid making the very obvious joke that goes with this thread title
  19. Delightfully tight 'W's, great little knife
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