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  1. Colonial Heights is about an hour south of me or so, just above Petersburg. I live in the west end. I'm moving (still in the west end) in September, and will likely not do much forging until I'm in the new house and settled, but then I'm good to go. Let me know when you get here!
  2. I wouldn't consider myself a bladesmith by any means, but I live there! I've got a little propane forge and am in the process of forging the first few things for myself. I'd love to have another smith to meet up with.
  3. LOVE IT. I plan to make a short sword almost identical to that profile.
  4. It's simple, but I like it. It's classy, and it fits the profiled shaping on the handle perfectly. I say keep it.
  5. I had some issues with my gas line sputtering as SOON as I built my forge. One of the smiths here messaged me and said it might be that the opening to the actual forge was letting in too much air. Crossdraft, I think he called it. I have since managed to close off a lot of that opening, but haven't had the time to test it yet.
  6. You could also just order from Woodcraft.com, they have all kinds and they sell a lot of stuff in pretty thin stock if you're looking for scales. Also, check ebay and etsy. Lots of stuff there too.
  7. Thanks a ton!! I'll work on getting a second tank set up and linked in to try and prevent this.
  8. Haha, yeah. But the tank is more than half full. I have a gauge on it to track my consumption. :/
  9. So I built a forge a week or so ago, and the first day I really got it fired up, the burner started hiccuping. I was thinking it was due to too much air, but I didnt want to crank up my gas in the mix, so I came online and looked around some. I found a post on another forum that said it was an issue of too little air in the mix, and to turn the gas down once the forge heats up all the way. I just tried this theory and what happened was vastly more hiccuping with the gas mix down. I turned it back up and the hiccuping subsided mostly, but not entirely. Any thoughts? At first I was afraid I
  10. I redid the pipe as the Venturi Burner thread showed and it works wonderfully! I'm setting up the forge now, I'll post pics when it's done!
  11. I want to pop in and say thanks to everyone in this thread. I just made my first burner and it works wonderfully! Can't wait to start forging!
  12. Tested the burner today. The only leak I had was in the propane line I'd purchased, which was ultimately the cause for the failure as well. The attached regulator kept the propane psi so low it didn't even register at ALL on the gauge. I've already ordered a new line with an adjustable regulator, I'll try again when that comes in. John, thanks for the reference point! I guess I figured somewhere between 5 and 10 would be good, but I'll start from 1 and see how it goes. Dan, you aren't missing anything. I drilled three holes in the shorter pipe to let in oxygen. They are BEHIND the MIG
  13. Ha, yeah I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. It will be flame lit. My biggest worry is that I got a propane line with a built in regulator. I was under the impression that the regulator would actually let me CONTROL the psi output, but I guess not. It says it's made for grills and such, so I'm assuming/hoping its somewhere between 5 and 10 psi. If not, I'll have to get another hose. If so, my forge chamber is pretty small, so I should be fine. I'll keep you guys posted. Can't wait to bang some metal! Justin
  14. So I built myself a forge a few months ago and I've finally gotten around to making the burner. Ive done copious research on LP and burner designs and such, but I figured I'd post a picture of it here, just in case someone sees a giant red flag that I don't and gives me a DEAR GOD DONT DO IT. I plan to test the burner tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes. Pic is attached, the nozzle part goes in the larger, longer pipe (if it wasn't obvious). Thanks! Justin
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