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  1. Camp knife and Skinner

    I loveeeeeeee second from the left the most!!! Its beautiful! The other are awesome too!
  2. Bronze Age Tomb in Greece found

  3. Sorry I have to drop out for a second time due to life circumstances and a rediculous work schedule. I was looking forward to this build aswell. I hope next year is the one for me :-( This is also my first time on the forum in a few months...thing should start looking up soon. Please would you guys mind posting pics of your work and exchanges :-) Thanks for contatcting me GEzell and trying to rope in the draw!
  4. p • u • u • k • k • o

    Admins, can we please pin this!
  5. I forged a .........

    I would say, leather wrap that bad boy!
  6. Forged 10.5'' Hunter

    She is a beauty both deadly and exhilarating at the same time!
  7. Nansaidh-A Million Firsts

    That looks awesome! Dare I say druidic almost :-)
  8. Kith 2015 theme poll

    I think it would count as a puukko as the sheath construction and blade profile is almost identical it is just a different finish which was probably what was the best attainable at the time.
  9. WIP hand and a half

    She sure is looking mighty fine!
  10. 3 steels and bog oak

    Kickass work George!
  11. New(ish) work

    The only other I can think of that I experienced for myself is, take the time and either forge yourself a decent set of tongs to hold that size stock or buy one. I tried the vice grip thing also, it is not safe nor comfortable or efficient at handling hot metal. I dig your work, it is allot better than my own and I also just started out.
  12. Hamon Roach Belly

    Thank you Miles. I believe what you describe is called the Mortise Tang construction ? I definitely plan on adding this to my repertoire. But I definitely have to nail this technique also. Melf, I will definitely keep this in mind, I was considering after reading this taking a piece of copper plate texturing it and "riveting" (copper) it in the finger grooves, however I will have to experiment with this technique. That I sure did Alan :-) rather a little too much, except when grinding :-) Thanks Doug. I plan on doing a few Puukko's also and then one for the KITH this year so I will be practicing the technique.

    She sure is a beauty.
  14. Walrus

    Love the texture on the blade.
  15. Hamon Roach Belly

    Hi All, Here is my fourth completed knife, this was also my first hidden tang build ever. It posed many new challenges and I also made quite a few mistakes as the photos will show. The blade is 1070, which I tried a hamon on (also a first for me), the handle is Black Ivory and brass gaurd with a brass pin. I will definitely be doing more hidden tangs. Here you can see my blunder, I went too deeply into the wood and exposed the epoxy filled chamber (DOH!) The fit on the shoulders (gap on the left) moved a little when I improvised a handle press during the epoxying stage out of my drill press. Let me know what you think, any comments or criticism is always welcome.