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  1. If it's annealed stock a Beverly shear might do the trick? A B2 is the go-to shear for the guys who make custom armor and the B3 is even beefier. https://www.elitemetaltools.com/manufacturers/beverly-shear
  2. I like your interpretation of this style!
  3. I enjoyed his books and admired his work. Sad to be losing so many people lately.
  4. Sad to hear, I spent a lot of time and learned quite a bit from AnvilFire.
  5. I'd prefer September over October due to some other commitments, but would try to make it either way if I can!
  6. Alan, any more progress on this idea or potential dates?
  7. I would definitely come up for this if the dates work out.
  8. What a lovely piece of work! The materials, colors, and overall design really work well together.
  9. Thanks for sharing these. I got to visit the North Island a few years ago, and thought overall it was probably the most scenic place I've ever seen.
  10. Thanks Alan! I just ordered both of them. It's always a pleasant surprise when books for one of my many niche interests are actually available and as reasonably priced in reprints as these are.
  11. Nice work Don! I like the clean utilitarian look you got here.
  12. Alan what do you look for in dating the felling axes? I re-handled a similar flea market axe head recently so am curious.
  13. Don I've read that this same type of clamp goes back at least as far as the Viking age. Clamps this size in antler, up to large wooden ones for clamping planks during ship construction. Great technology!
  14. If you have a flea market nearby, they can be a good place to get things like files--those too rusty to file can still be forged into other things-- and hammers (often lots cheaper to buy a head without a handle and get a new handle at a different table). Unfortunately people seem to think anvils are gold now, so I haven't seen one at the flea market for several years. Every so often a post vice or coal forge shows up, but they have become pricier too as interest in forging has grown.
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