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  1. Thank you for the advice! There is lots of clay here where i live, I wonder if it'll work for future knives. As for this knife I've actually kind of grown fond of the decarb markings on the blade.
  2. Finishing up the handle. I still need to make some finishing touches. I think I'm going to rub the handle down with black tea, then vinegaroon to darken it up a bit and add an antique look.
  3. Started making a mushroom hunter's/utility knife for an avid mushroom and ginseng hunter. The steel is from a Nicholson file and I plan to have the handle made from walnut with pewter bolsters. There are some interesting looking swirls in the blade upon etching. Not quite sure how that happened. Maybe someone can tell me? I normalized 3 times, quenched twice in canola oil, and tempered 3 times at 450F. I was worried that I may have messed up the heat treat but the blade can be bent and returns to its original shape and it holds quite a nice edge. Let me know your thoughts!
  4. Nice knife! I like how you left the file teeth straight across the top.
  5. I really like the lines of this knife! It only adds fuel to the fire for me to make my own friction folder!
  6. I was able to do more work on this knife this weekend. I wasn't able carve as much around the bird as I wanted to. The wood was just a little softer than what I had expected. I have yet to scrimshaw the horn piece as I need to practice a bit beforehand.
  7. I really like this, reminds me of the Hamsa eyes from the middle east. I'm interested in how you did this.
  8. Thanks, guys! I'm a little rusty at drawing, most of the lines around the bird are just filler and probably won't be exactly like the drawing. The handle is apple wood. I cut the tree down about five years ago and it's been seasoning ever since.
  9. Hello everyone!I'm new on here. This is my first forged knife and first knife I've made in about 17 years! The Blade is made from a file and it was edge quenched in oil then etched in vinegar. The handle is made of apple wood and deer antler. I'm not entirely happy with it but I'm just happy to learn from the mistakes I made on this one. I had to use a diamond file to get a better angle on the blade after I already heat treated, tempered, and etched. So I need to do a little more finishing work on the blade as seen in the whole knife picture. Criticism is welcome!
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