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  1. 2 new work rests: Do you want is for the KMG? Given that soon my machines will be sold in the United States and Canada?
  2. Hello, dear friends! After the break, I hasten to share the news: New "Storm" in photos and videos. to be continued...
  3. Hooray! Finally! New models of grinders are here: http://belt-grinders.eu/production.php PS: It is possible that in the spring I will have a distributor in the U.S.
  4. Hello, Clem. Can also try the iron plate instead of glass (or better - a cast-iron plate). Much higher thermal conductivity, easy to replace, easy to repair. And not so fragile. Components will attach by means of welding?
  5. Work rest can springy, I think. May not have enough rigidity. (opinion) In the process, under the belt (marked in red) will be formed pit. How to deal think? PS: Welcome to the club!
  6. Listened to experienced colleagues and now the machine has such a decoration: Shown without polyurethane.
  7. I just want my machines are convenient, versatile and functional. And constantly thinking how to do it. Something like this ...
  8. Thank you very much! And... UTV-2x72 "Hurricane": first run. Speed and noise test.
  9. PayPal accept, of course. But it is early yet to speak - first, I need to calculate the price, it's not a quick process, unfortunately. But we will not get upset - everything is in our hands! The process will be illustrated herein. UPD: For the U.S. I probably need to design considering inch threads, not metric? Right? UUPD: For work I need these dimensions:
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