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  1. 2 new work rests: Do you want is for the KMG? Given that soon my machines will be sold in the United States and Canada?
  2. Hello, dear friends! After the break, I hasten to share the news: New "Storm" in photos and videos. to be continued...
  3. Hooray! Finally! New models of grinders are here: http://belt-grinders.eu/production.php PS: It is possible that in the spring I will have a distributor in the U.S.
  4. Hello, Clem. Can also try the iron plate instead of glass (or better - a cast-iron plate). Much higher thermal conductivity, easy to replace, easy to repair. And not so fragile. Components will attach by means of welding?
  5. Work rest can springy, I think. May not have enough rigidity. (opinion) In the process, under the belt (marked in red) will be formed pit. How to deal think? PS: Welcome to the club!
  6. Listened to experienced colleagues and now the machine has such a decoration: Shown without polyurethane.
  7. I just want my machines are convenient, versatile and functional. And constantly thinking how to do it. Something like this ...
  8. Thank you very much! And... UTV-2x72 "Hurricane": first run. Speed and noise test.
  9. PayPal accept, of course. But it is early yet to speak - first, I need to calculate the price, it's not a quick process, unfortunately. But we will not get upset - everything is in our hands! The process will be illustrated herein. UPD: For the U.S. I probably need to design considering inch threads, not metric? Right? UUPD: For work I need these dimensions:
  10. On this issue - this design is born: Works in both positions the machine, of course. All regulated separately, do not need a third hand. UPD: If you want - I will design this device is also a mount for KMG. Do you want? UUPD: To do this I need the dimensions of this part's
  11. While the machines are going - projecting device for grinding surfaces with magnetic sine table. And, perhaps, it can also be used to work rest, more rigid and durable. For large and massive workpieces. Several people have asked me - whether I plan something like that. The answer is - this is planned. As an option that is compatible with all models
  12. In any case - it makes sense to think of most closed housing with a drain system. Look, for example, for machine tools for working stone - they work only with water - never without it. Otherwise everything around will be very messy. (Opinion)
  13. Thanks! I will try my best. I think I understand you. Do you think I should think about the device in the style of KMG or something similar? I do not like the fact that there are small bearings with a short lifetime. Though do it - not a problem, and then I can suggest this or that device on the buyer's choice.
  14. Speak simply, please - my English is very bad so far (Viva Google translator!) You have in mind that my machine is too expensive? ...Very soon, this "chick will leaves the nest".
  15. Today I counted more accurate. The cheapest delivery to Juneau (just as an example) - about $ 1600
  16. Have experienced at the same time the work rest. Tough. Forging possible.
  17. Shipping to Alaska is very expensive to get (the machine weighs about 60 kg), and the dealer in the U.S. I do not have yet. The prices can be found here
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