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  1. nice blade shape!i like it.well done.
  2. thank you everyone! you found time to write half encyclopedia with information i would have to search very long time to gather and i would mind??no sir i don't mind at all. i used both lemon and vinegar in both blades.lemon worked better for the 1095 blade and vinegar better for the file blade but created some spots on the surface that are still visible.citric acid worked great for the 1095 blade too.i will definitely use your way on the next project. thank you for all the help!
  3. Hi everyone! a few months ago a dvd from an old western movie called ''CHINO'' with Charles Bronson staring fell in my hands. the movie was not that good but who cares . in the early scenes a knife flasses for a few seconds and my eye really liked the design.the dvdplayer made some weird noises as i paused and forward and then back and pouse again and again to see the shape and how was it made. the blade shape was simmilar to a J.RUSSEL hunting knife but the handle had metall pieces in the front and deer antler scales with many thin pins(i think). i forged two simmilar blades one from
  4. WOW!i didn't know i could ask something like this for chistmas fantastic piece!i could never imagine making something like this!
  5. that is a great little blade.i like that handle shape a lot!
  6. i like it!great first knife!
  7. try to guench a blade from that rasp in water.takes the edge sharpness on an other level.
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