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  1. you know i think i have some muriatic acid i didn't know it would work, ill give it a try then show a photo of the results.
  2. ok guys i managed to weld up some cable for the first time it was only half inch so not a lot to work with, but i am curios to see if there is a pattern there or not , i have been trying to etch using hot vinegar and there is a faint etch but im not getting much i was wondering if ferric chloride was the right way to go and if so where to buy it and how to use/mix it if needed. as always any help would be greatly appreciated. -Dalton Israel
  3. that i did not know. looks like im trying again tomorrow morning thank you alan!
  4. thank for all the replays guys its this help and support why i love this site. i was just trying to weld a few cut up pieces of a small band saw only stacked about 8 or so high but when i but the borax on it didnt go to a liquid it kinda just curled up and fell of the material and i thought maybe that had something to do with it i also tried just folding over the ens of some mild steel and trying to weld it up but all i was doing was thinning out the metal.
  5. ok guys i try my luck at my first forge weld today and i thought i had everything need iv got my forge my anvil my borax a 2 lb hammer and a 4 lb hammer but i just cant get the welds to stick iv been looking up tutorials and i dont really see what im doing wrong the only thing i can think of is that im not getting my metal hot enough or maybe im just striking it wrong.. Any help or advice you guys could give to help me would be much appreciated thank you - Dalton Israel
  6. sorry i only had one picture of it guys ill be sure to take more on the next one
  7. so i just finished my first my first knife for my mother (she demanded my first completed work) out of some scrap hardwood and a leaf spring of an old toyota. wish i had more to post for you guys but without a shop im at the mercy of the weather. so if you guys could comment let me know what you think or have any idea for a knife a beginner could try and make i would very much appreciate it. -Dalton Israel
  8. thank you, i never knew how expensive it can be to choose the wrong or already used name company name, yours is great by the way.
  9. thank you both for the advice, i have a tendency to rush into things especially when its something i am excited about. but i very much like the idea of waiting honing my skill and letting my work name itself. and i did have one name i am fond of so im not throwing that one out just yet haha. - Dalton
  10. do you guy think it would be to much for a beginner to start a forge, more specifically a forge name and logo, i know im getting a little ahead of myself since i have only made a few knifes but i plan on (once i get much better) trying to take on some commission jobs. and trying to build a name around town. so basically im asking you guys your opinion on the matter, do you think im kinda jumping the gun on this one ?
  11. well you have a stag and a dragon now you just need a lion and a dire wolf haha. joking aside those are awesome knives. now if you will excuse me, i need to go pick my jaw up off of the floor.
  12. I just picked up some leaf springs from an old toyota pick up. And the whole sparks thing makes a lot of sence to me actualy I Have worked in metal shops since I was in high school ( not that. Long ago) But this is the first time. I have forged any kind of a blade. But bladesmithing is The reason for my joining metal shop iv been obcessed since I was a child. And do to my norwegian bloodline I love a good viking style blade I know there is a lot to learn on this site and look forward to Learning from all of you.
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