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  1. Dave. C.


    Hello Wes, Thank You, used cold gun blue for the patina.
  2. Dave. C.


    Thanks guys for the positive comments, we really appreciate them.
  3. Dave. C.


    Recently completed hawk. 5160 gun blued hawk, darkened ash handle with a leather wrap handle. thanks for the look.
  4. Forgot to say thanks for the positive comments guys. Axe making has been quite a learning experience and we keep learning which is great. There's a lot of good info from a lot of talented guys floating around, every time I watch something I come away with a new technique.
  5. Quite a bit on the surface for clean up, but the profile was forge in. First attempt with this shape eye as well, so we needed to go clean up the eye with files. I need to set a day aside and forge some new drifts.
  6. Dave. C.


    An axe my son and I finished last week. Hot punched the eye, both quite keen to try the wrap and weld method. En9 axe head, with ash handle. Cutting Test. And a hawk we're busy with. Thanks for the look, comment and crits welcome.
  7. Cheers mate, one of my favourite handle materials.
  8. Thank you guys, appreciated.
  9. Cheers Miles, appreciate it man.
  10. A small utility. 1070 blade, blackwood handle, peened and aged brass fittings. Blade length - 105mm OAL - 225mm Price excluding shipping. - $65 - R800.00 (zar) (paypal accepted)
  11. Bowie leaving soon. 5160 blade, blackened guard and bolster, giraffe bone and damascus spacers with maple lace burl handle. Blade length - 309mm OAL - 460mm Thank you for the look.
  12. Hadn't thought of it, but yeah I guess it does a bit.
  13. 1070 blade, patinated copper bolster, warthog tusk spacer and mopane handle. Blade length - 130mm OAl - 250mm R1400.00 (ZAR) excluding shipping
  14. Wow, stunning work.
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