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  1. hello, to prevent the forming of a pit, i'm intending to glue a piece of ceramic glass to the guide (green). I also ordered 3 pieces for every machine you may have a point in the rigidity of the workrest. i'll have to find out once it is finished. I also ordered 5 pieces of the workrests per machine, so I can make some variants. regards and thanks for the suggestions
  2. hello, as i'm new to this forum, let me first introduce myself, My name is Clem, i live in Belgium and i work as a mechanical design engineer. and of course I'm also a hobbyist blacksmith and knife maker for some years, I've been thinking about buying a decent knife grinder, but every design i see I'm always thinking, for that price (or cheaper) i can build it myself and I wanted a machine that can work with 75x2000mm and 2x72" belts capable of vertical and horizontal belt position so I finally got the time to design it and should get the laser pieces tomorrow I tried
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