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  1. I am using a hair dryer for air and using briquettes, I have no idea where I could find could lump charcoal out of season and my dad hasn't made his charcoal burner yet. But thanks a ton for letting me know they don't work well I honestly had no idea :s
  2. Thanks I will look into it god I have so much to learn
  3. Interesting, I may have to check that out, a friend of the family (he helped make the forge and has a fabrication shop) suggested taking a small chunk of I-beam and then welding a piece of thick like 1 inch plate steel onto it, do you think that would work?
  4. So I am a 17 year old guy who just finished making a charcoal forge and have all the tools I need (to start at least) except a good anvil. I live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada so not a lot of market for that kind of thing here and the only place I could find that sold anvils was Princess Auto and those were only 24 pounds and really small. I got one figuring "eh it will work" and so far my friend and I are learning that we really could use something bigger so we have more surface and it doesn't bounce (the actual anvil bounces when we strike the metal). I am just wondering if there are any
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